Damage Statistic of Evolve (in numbers)


Wanted to have a updated statistic

Spreadsheet of Evolve Damage

Comment on things you think are wrong and i will look into it again.

Community Resource: Full Hunter Weapon & Item Stats

I feel like I helped you a bit by telling you healing grenades heal 125 units :3


All these damage stats are from solo arena vs a behemoth stage 1 no perks and masterys.

So there might be some inaccurucy on the orbital barage (splash damage) and val for not counting to her armored pirced multiplayer Q_Q

And thanks moiser.


So the legends are true… Torvald is the weakest assault😢

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I just want the gravity back to normal :frowning:


This already exists, though Lennox needs to be added.


i have a lot of different damage output than the other thread…
and the “DPS” is wrongly calculated…


RiP , 10char

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