Damage resistance wildlife perk too good?


Ok, i’d like to talk a little about the mentioned perk and why i feel like its setting just a bit too high.

For the hunters its ok, but the monster can still effectively deal with them. however when the monster receives the damage resistance wildlife perk, he effectively has 35% more armor for every fight. Pair this up with any of the monsters and a full armor bar takes nearly forever to get through. resulting in the hunters having to disengage or just play for time for it to burn out. Litterally at stage one as goliath i went for a damage resistance perk and full armor, and beat a really good team at stage one. just because what damage they did to me just wasn’t enough to feel like anyone was a threat when i have that perk, as for the hunters it removes all thought of progress for the rest of the game until the damage resistance is completely drained.


I recently played without perks, buffs, or masteries in the ESL Tournament. The game felt a lot more balanced while fighting. The perks and wildlife buffs have a huge effect on which side has the upper hand. It’s not just the damage resistance but also the damage bonus, ability CD reduction, Movement Speed, Jetpack/traversal Recharge, and Class ability CD reduction.

The wildlife add a lot to the game but if we want a balanced match for the upcoming ranked hunt mode these need to either be turned off or tweak considerably lower such as ~10% inceases instead of the 35-50% we’re seeing now.

My 2 cents


Agreed, buffs can be game-changers. I don’t really mind in normal games as I’ll just sacrifice a goat to the RNG gods if I really feel frustrated, but if they want to setup a competitive environment, things will be different.

There is a huge difference between spawning, finding a pack of Mammoth birds (or any kind of highly nutritious wildlife) and a decent buff early on vs. spawning, having to feed on low value crap and triggering carrion birds on second feeding.


The official strategy guide says that this perk doesn’t affect the armor defense, that means damage on armor stays the same. This is called placebo effect.


Oh no if you go play it out and monster gets 35% damage resistance you will notice a huge difference in how much that monster can tank.


A LOT of official strategy guides are not as official as some would make them out to be. Are we able to get corroboration on this information? Because the 35% damage resistance perk not applying to armor for Monsters seems like a huge downside considering Monsters are encouraged to disengage from fights when they have no armor, which would make the resistance perk probably one of the worst perks out there unless you’re going “all-in” in a fight.


well, in my opinion stuff like the CDR and damage bonus are ok to a certain degree. It makes the monster more dangerous but it at least keeps the hunters just as dangerous. Having Damage resistance effectively gives him 35% more time for your team to make mistakes that he can take advantage of. or just focus one person into oblivion. i’ve played a game where a litteral noob monster got damage resistance, I’ve played A LOT of evolve and i’m not joking that i can juke him all i want sheild at the perfect time provide constant dps with support and a 1minute and 30 second fight only got his armor down with him smacking me in the face. As soon as damage resistance goes down he dies nearly instantly.


Then you have no idea how fucked the monster will be when you get that rare perk giving ‘All animals within 40ft are visible’, this includes monster… You can see them through walls with red outline… Basically an always ON smell for hunters…


Thats just as op and needs to be removed man, i play lots of monster but when damage resistance perk is on the map. i take CDR and go find it win stage 1 because its too easy.


Speaking of buffs, do we have an updated list of buffs given by albino creatures?

I found one “Wildlife and buffs” topic but it does not seem to be up-to-date.


I was wondering, whats the name for that perk ehiwhich lets you see all animals within 40ft through walls? Im level 18 and I have only got that perk 2 times. And both times hank cried about it, OH LOOK A RARE THING… (smthing like that(

And I havnt seen players talking about that perk…


It’s an awesome perk given by the elite spotter (the things that have the really loud cry). Had a match as Markov where I saw it in the spawn. Needless to say, the monster could not get away lol


This is the page about the buffs out of the guide. The fact about the Armor not being affected is on another page when they are refering to the single perks one at a time.
Sadly here is a little mistake as well. Reaver and Obsidian Scrub need to be switched, maybe it was a previous build of the game or just a mistake in the book.


I’d say its not alone in the realm of silly strong buffs - CDR can be equally devastating with the right build, and traversal and movement can make the Monster even more uncatchable.


Yeah, the obsidian grub and reaver perks are switched with eatch other. Other mistakes include the spotter buff is a 100% increase, not 200% and I’m pretty sure the steamadon perk only slows down the hunter and not stun them, but I have not tested that.


I feel like this is as good a place as any to say that the level 3 smell range perk is pretty ridiculously strong and probably needs to be nerfed. At a 75% increase in radius, you get well over triple the area covered in each smell.


not to mention the “Perk” itself is so close to the spotter perk there is almost no reason to eat it on the map that is on it.