Damage Reduction Spawn Buff on First Dropship

Reduce time please… for 5sec max

Why? 5 seconds is literally a few feet, that’s not enough time to stop Monsters from camping spawn.


That’s the entire reason it’s 15 Seconds :joy:

It’s fine where it is Peto

Made a synopsis of this post.

“TRS please let me beat up new players immediately after they land”


This doesn’t even sound long enough.

No. Remove it and give hunters full control 5 seconds earlier.

Mines and spiders can still arm and hit before your team even has a chance to react. That is ridiculous.

:confused: It’s 15 seconds of probably 65% DR … That sounds long enough for me

Definitely able to stop a Monster from pounding you in 1:20 Seconds

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I didn’t know it was that high of a percentage.

Ah ah! Probably! It was 75% DR for Assault but the Downgraded it to 65% so that’s why I assume it’s 65% Maybe it’s 75% :thinking:

:smiley: 10sec ok but 25sec? 25 ???

It’s 15…

It is exactly 25sec from landing !!!

I fucked up

That’s where I read 15 Seconds

It doesn’t ever say it