Damage reduction on monsters needs balance



The damage reduction perk on monsters is too high right now, it needs to be balanced.
Now one might say that they lose movement, feeding speed, damage or cooldown etc but that does not matter much because you can compensate the loss for those perks with the following
Movement : Buffs spawn at the same place and same time during a game, you can look for them and get certain perks out of them throughout the game, feeding route being the same one can just follow it without having to waste much time to think/search and following the same route every time helps to become more efficient in movement.
Feeding : Same as above, you can get buffs for movement/feeding etc and as always follow the feeding route and stage up faster.
Damage/Cooldown : Damage reduction perks being so powerful one can take time to land his attacks carefully dealing more damage and as always there are those Damage buffs which is taken by monsters most of the time because of their awkward spawning location on the map being easily accessible by monsters.

Players with 1000s of hours of gameplay and playing with a team might be able to communicate/plan and stop the monster from taking these powerful buffs but for players playing solo/not as much experience in the game, it’s really toxic.
They struggle to damage the monster without DR perks, but with full DR perks and Damage buffs on the monster the hunters take strikes every dome for little to no less damage throughout the game.

  Not to forget the famous Kraken which keeps flying and attacking from a distance making half the abilities of hunters weak/useless against it, Hunters barely being able to dmg a flying monster which keeps attacking from a good distance being stacked with full DR makes the gameplay less enjoyable and toxic. Kraken can already last much longer due to being able to fly entire dome throwing attacks while dodging hunter due to distance, being stacked with DR gives him much more time to stay and get a hunter down only to run away without less to none health loss.

My suggestion would be to do any of the following :-

  1. Reduce the damage reduction value on the DR Perk or buff the damage perk for hunters
    (Buffing dmg perks for hunters is not really a good idea though because it can be too powerful against monsters without DR so former idea would be better than latter)
  2. Make buff time/location spawn random to stop stacking of DR with other powerful buffs making monster godlike
  3. Remove feeding route, Feeding route compensates for loss of movement/feeding perks and monster can just follow them to stage up faster
  4. Buff the DR perks for hunters which are so weak that rarely anyone would pick them.I follow a lot of Professional players on youtube and twitch and I don’t see anyone using them ever as well.
  5. Reduce Armor regeneration on passive/eating. It is so hard to take out armor on monster with DR and monster getting full armor back again in matter of couple of seconds is a pain in the arse

Developers have been making balancing changes after keeping High-level gameplay in mind since stage 2 which consists very less player base compared to those who play Arcade for fun and forgetting the huge player base of new players.
It is high time to focus on gameplay experience for new players, making it more fun for both monster and hunters.
Myself I have 450 hours and being a legacy players thought to share my thoughts with some problems being faced by new players and myself


Buff mirroring perk for another side should never be an answer to anything perk-specific because it would also affect matchups where “problematic” perk won’t be present.

It’s like grounder vs “tinkerbell”… and the rest, all over again.


Yes, and he did actually talk about this and cover it :slight_smile:


I it would be cool to leave each separate DR perk as it now (minor, silver, gold), but make them stack only to certain amount, like max 25% or something. That way, you can have, say, gold DR with it’s full potential and other useful perks in other slots, and if you wish to max DR, they will only stack to certain amount. I’m to lazy to open guides now for number, but let’s say it’s 8% + 12% + 16%, you can have minor and silver DR and grounder as gold, giving you 20% DR, or take all of them or gold brawler and have 25% DR, or have minor feeding and silver + gold DR, for same 25%, etc.


Wildlife buffs do not change the fact that monsters are choosing either damage reduction or cooldown reduction or movement speed. Some monsters are better with certain perks, the krakens are slow and benefit from movement speed, gorgon is good with cooldown reduction, goliath is popular with damage reduction. Wildlife buffs are also not consistent or powerful enough to replace perks.

There are 7 damage reduction perks for monsters, it’s one of the most common perks. If damage reduction was at 25% max then there will still be people complaining because they are opposed to the concept. The idea of damage reduction is to give the monster more time to fight without actually making it stronger.

What matters is whether it is too strong compared to the other perks. It might be, but saying it is too strong isn’t proof. TRS are thoughtful about balance, the current value should be close to balanced, although a response from a dev on this repetitive topic would be great.

  1. If damage reduction is too strong then a nerf would be good, yes.

  2. Changing buff mechanics because of one set of perks isn’t smart, and they have nothing to do with DR perks. Buffs improve the monster no matter what perk it uses.

  3. Changing all the wildlife mechanics because of one perk isn’t a reasonable approach.

  4. Buffing the DR perks for hunters has no impact on DR perks for monsters at all. They might be weak, a buff could be good. It’s problematic though, worse than giving monster a % damage increase perk, hunters heal and shield in combat, with enough damage reduction they can heal faster than they take damage.

  5. Evolve should have roughly a 50% monster/hunter win rate, that is with monster armor regeneration in mind. Just because it makes things harder for you doesn’t make it bad, that’s like a monster saying hunters shouldn’t have shields & healing because it is a pain in the arse…