Damage Numbers for Wasteland Maggie


I really want to know the stats and the damage and reloads for Mrs. Maggs

EDIT: @The_Mastermind has provided the numbers below :smile:


It came out today so give it a week and I’m sure @The_Mastermind would know.


@white_hawke8 already collected the data and i am currently unable to play Evolve until i get a new Graphics card. feel free to tag me for any questions, as White Hawk and myself are the primary data collectors here. I focus on perks and buffs and such while he doesnt though

Wasteland Maggie’s Machine Pistol
900 rounds per minute (cannot fire between bursts)
1.75 second reload
15 damage per shot
20 bullets per magazine
2 bullets per burst
.175 second firing delay after spriting
Applies damage over time effect that hits 5 times over 2 seconds for 6 damage per hit

Wasteland Maggie’s Harpoon Traps
70 rounds per minute
Arm in 3 seconds
30 meter trigger distance
35 meter break distance
Can be deployed 15 meters away
50 hit points
Applies damage over time effect that hits 5 times over 1 second for 6 damage per hit
1 trap maximum

Wasteland Maggie’s Pet Trapjaw
1000 hit points
Applies damage over time effect that hits 5 times over 1 second for 8 damage per hit

Wasteland Maggie’s Custom Classic Pistol
350 rounds per minute
1.7 second reload
6 shots per magazine
15 damage per shot

Some polls on WasteLand Maggie

Only two rounds a burst? It sounds like three to me, although I am pretty deaf.


Do Damage Increase Perks and Buffs affect Daisy?


damage, dont know yet. no way to verify myself atm. but usually the health ones do and movement speed i believe.

i dont normally play maggie. lolz.


Buh… ur teh mustermind! Ya gots tah know everyting! Ya gots tah prey everyjuan! Gits gewd scroob!


Is her pistol better than other Hunter’s pistols?


huh? no.

Assaults currently all share the same type of pistol
Supports currently all share the same type of pistol
All trappers but Jack share the same pistol values (jack’s pistol appears to be 2x as effective than other trappers from the data White hawk had on it)
All medics except Emet share the same pistol values (Emet’s finger pistol appears to be worst than the other medic pistols.

Alt DPS (possible effectiveness)
Assault 39
Support 43
Trapper 33
Jack 60
Medic 120 (There might be an error here because of the small delay in between bursts which i dont have a time on so its more than likely much lower)
Emet 35


It has a 20 round magazine and has 10 bursts per magazine. How many rounds do you think are being fired per burst? :stuck_out_tongue:


is she broken garbage?


Are you broken garbage?

Sorry, just thought I’d match an asinine, rude question with another


well is she its a question i havent been playing evolve in forever


a month 2 be exact


She’s not perfect

Daisy flamethrower is a little buggy

Harpoon might get a nerf… because from what I saw it’s pub stompery madness, being able to deploy a new trap immediately after the second deploys with about a 80% chance to catch again if the monster doesn’t break and move immediately

But no I personally don’t think she is broken trash


does daisy track still


Yea daisy and her ai operates 100% the same, I think

Just seems like the daisy flamethrower only engages when the monster is a certain distance from the trapjaw

But she stills stays right next to Maggie pretty much so if you want daisy to do damage then trapper has to go get right in the monsters fave to get daisy to engage

It’s only really useful when the monster focuses daisy cause now you can’t do that without taking SOME damage


hyde damage worse or better


Damn I’m good! I was looking at the bars like I always do and I got so close to these numbers, only 1-5 points off. I’m too proud.


That’s a great question I haven’t seen the numbers on the DPS. Off the guess though, I would say it’s definitely worse… and Maggie’s DOT between the pistol, the harpoon, and daisy doesn’t stack with each other or other hunter DOT

She trades two extra harpoons for a decent amount more damage and a lot more utility out of her one harpoon trap. The daisy damage is more like the coincidental cheery on top