Damage not stopping monster from attacking relay


we were shooting kracken while he was attacking the relasy but it didnt stop the kracken at all


Haven’t heard of anything like this happening before.Any video?


no i didnt think about it


Can’t say I have ever experienced this. That being said, if you experience it again, try to capture it. It would definitely be a help to the QA team.


What Hunter were you?


IME val cant stop the monster


What aprox range did you shoot him from ?

Ive had issues with shots that are over 100 meters away.


I was crow and closer than 100 members


That is… wierd, to say the least.


Next time yell at the Monster and swat at him and tell him “No!” usually they stop right away and get the message… or they eat you…


Honestly no idea I just know i was right outside the room


Should i use a rolled up newspaper?


Flyswatters work too.


I hope you used the Rifle and not the Tranq. because tranqs dont stop monsters from doing anything.


bucket cant stop him either


i didnt pick him i loaded into the game when it was stage 2 i already had 2 strikes


Nah. You clearly stopped him but between Vortexes he had time to re-attack the relay to keep twindling it down.

Just another reason not to play bucket.


Yes i was using the long rifle not the stasis gun