Damage change to monsters


@MacMan and/or @MrStrategio. I know that you are pretty busy, but I was curious on if you changed Damage Amp/Weakpoint/limb formulas. I’ve seen the following multiplers.

(Those I understand, however what are these next ones?)
I’ve seen a couple other odd denominations that aren’t even numbers (But don’t recall what they were. I 100% remember seeing 1.2 and 2.8 for sure though). Did limb damage get changed from .5 to .6? Was this intentional?

I’ll try to post up some videos to show but I happened upon this late last night and haven’t had a time to crop my videos.

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Not exactly on topic with what your asking but any idea if damage to behemoth has weird ratios? It feels like hes just taking straight up more damage on normal attacks I have no real way to prove this of course but I heard that you looked into stuff like this so I was wondering what your thoughts were.


Easy to compare. Go to a game against any monster, hit it once with a weapon. Die. See how much damage you did at the end. Go against Behemoth, do the same thing. I feel like a lot of weapons have spread and fallout, but due to size and relative ease of not having to worry about vertical aiming, behemoth just gets hit more.


hm didn’t think of that ill try looking into that and see what turns up then


How can you reach x6 ? I thought the damages all add up instead of multiplying.

X4 isn’t the maximum ?

Dmg amp. + weakpoint + HS = 400% (= X4)


I know that there was a visual bug regarding the correct weakpoint damage total. I was under the impression that X4 was also the highest you could have. Hence need for clarification :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen 1.6x today, too. It makes no sense :frowning:


I’ve read in several threads that Behemoth is currently bugged and is taking more damage than he is supposed to


hence the reason why I want to go and test this myself and get some hard numbers on it. Thats the only way I think well be able to prove whether this bug is real or not.

(of course this will be a lot harder to test with an ai monster)

edit 2: so it looks like I won’t have too because someone just linked to doomkittys stream (who i think is a dev im not 100% on that) saying that there is a bug which affects his survivability it seems

link: http://www.twitch.tv/d00mkitty/b/642513855?t=1h36m06s

also sorry for hijacking madcow


Torvald’s Shrapnel Grenade start by applying a 1.5x damage bonus for anything that hits them. This is the same value as Lazarus’ weakpoints. As you progress on Torvald’s mastery for Shrapnel Grenades, this value increases by a small percentage, eventually by 10%, to be a 1.65x damage multiplyer. We also made it so that the damage multiplyer stacking is indicated to the user. By this I mean, if you have a Val Weakpoint (2x damage) on a headshot location (2x damage) it shows you 4x damage. Combine this with Torvald’s Shrapnel Grenade and you get the weird numbers of 3.3x etc.

Torvald + Laz - Do Weakspots stack in quantity?
Behemoth bugged rumors?

Fail on me. I didn’t even pay attention to what masteries improve as they got better haha :slight_smile: Makes sense. Cheers!

That being said, a Val Headshot with Cabot gave me 6X. Is that intended? I always thought that it was 1x (Base) + Val (+1x) + Cabot Amp (+1x). This would mean it should be a X3 total. However, I remember Macman saying that a headshot actually is (double) so +2x, but then it would only be 4x.


I also recall that comment, and I believe the behavior is that a locational shot affects the damage AFTER all other modifiers have been applied. Which would explain a x3 indicator jumping up to a x6 for a headshot / Behemoth bodyshot. I think the bug was that this was visually displayed as a x4 at the time, and is now displaying correctly?

I’m also curious if Torvald’s weakpoints will stack with Val or Laz’s, if on the same spot. If so, that’s an even higher max damage. Haven’t had a chance to try testing it out yet.


I am also very interested in whether Laz & Torvald’s weakpoints stack. I main Laz and my team is considering making Torvald our Assault.