Daisy's Magical Licks (Discussion Thread)


“The trapjaw just repaired me. I’m not going to think too hard about what just happened”

How DOES Daisy revive the Hunters, especially EMET and Bucket? Why do the hunters simply gesture to the incapped to make them get up? Does morale support heal wounds better than Regeneryst?
Why does Hyde talk about strapping a flamethrower to daisy even when she’s standing behind him with one on? :daisy:

A fun thread to discuss weird gameplay mechanics that might not make total sense in reality, but work because gameplay.

#Have fun!


Because you can’t yell at them like you can in Payday 2 to get them up! :smiley:


It’d be funny if the Hunters had a huge-a**-little-sister-horse-needle-adrenaline pen that they poked the incapped with xD


What if trapjaw saliva can produce Lazarus juice?:astonished:


“Nothing is impossible!!” - :lazarus_cute:


trapjaw saliva has anti-bacterial properties?


Because they need “Anti-Bacterial Meds” after getting smashed with a Rock?


well, it doesn’t look like goliath washed the rock off with purell before he threw it!



I remmeber Kala saying something along the lines of

“Look an albino!.. Very valuable… for reasons beyond understanding.”


I’m sure @SledgePainter would know. XD


Well he grabs it from Shear itself so… Shear is a dirty planet?



When the hunter (Maggie if I recall) taunts ‘try to warp out of this’ and wraith actually warps out of this :smiley:


It works for the same reason Hunters just wave their arm at each other to revive.



That is how you revive people after all. I would know; my mom is a nurse. She just stands over people and waves with a beckoning motion and BOOM! People are better.


It’s the same for a lot of games. XD Like L4D. Got incapacitated by a car? Here, wrap this cloth on your arm and legs, you’ll be fine.


Short answer:

Long answer:
I don’t have one.


The saliva in Daisy’s mouth is highly anti-bacterial for humans, and the licking carries those medicinal properties directly through the wounds.


Like the Bandersnatch.


Cosmic rays, I hear they do all sorts of crazy stuff.


Ahhh, yes, good ole’ PD2, where I yell right alongside my guy in a fit of rage when the perk fails to get them up after the fourth use of it in a row while hoping to RNGesus that my dodge chance fares better than my Inspire odds :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t played that in a while, should check back in. Good times with guildies, for sure.

As for the topic, I try not to think too uch on it. For the humans, I figure there’s a quick-inject or medpack device on her kit somewhere, and she’s just licking because well… Dog, while Hunters utilize her equipment.

Though for the robots… Who knows. I can’t even begin to think of that one at this hour :stuck_out_tongue: