Daisy's flamethrower vs invisible Wraith


Is daisy’s flamethrower supposed to activate on invisible wraith? If its not then its a bug


I think there are a number of variables that go into Daisy AI deciding whether to attack.

Like the Wraith is being damaged, or being to close to Daisy.

If you were just invisible not getting shot then she probably shouldn’t be attacking.


mad mags is crazy good like CRAZY good, if her win/loss is below 60% id be honestly shocked, as for daisy shooting the invisible wraith… idk if she shoots right away but if you get poked and turn visible for that 0.5s then she will start to shoot you make you visible more which in turn makes her shoot you more :frowning: this wont be such an issue when we can attack AND have decoy out at the same time but that will be another 2 months im guessing :’(