Daisy's Earthly Cousin


Looks like a branch of the Daisy tree left some trapjawy sprouts on earth…


She’s worth her weight in gold the way she zeros in on the human like that


When you say ‘Daisy’s Earthly Cousin’ why do I think of a potato?


What kind of demon eldritch abomination is this?


I believe it is called a “Buddy”. :wink:

In truth? Some species or another of iguana.


That’s racist.


I think he zeroed in on a snack in the dudes hand. I don’t think lizards can show that kind of love


I don’t think so. He pet him with the free hand, and he had the camera in the other. He likely trained it to come when called. It’s easy to do with monitor lizards, but I had no clue you could do it with igunanas too!


its head was locked on to something off screen obviously


Eh, I just think it was trained.

Anyway, what does the fox say?


this… is so strange… i want to slap this man


Oh my god this fox is adorable. Too…much…cuteness…


I wish my Iguana listened as good as he does


That is so cute.


Am I the only one around here who noticed what a dirty hand he had? Urgh :fearful:


I think it’s cute! With its little feet. And the nod!


U have a secrete love for potatoes?