Daisy's Day CONTEST: Win a PC copy of Evolve

Hello everyone! It’s that time again! I just wanted to start up a new contest here. I’ve decided to run a contest of my own for the forum users. I hope you all will enjoy it and have a fun time with it. That being said, here are the nitty gritties:

Creative Writing

Come up with a day in the life of our favorite Trapjaw, Daisy! It can be silly or serious, written in 1st or 3rd person, or even a poem or song, or even like a journal entry. You are limited to 8 paragraphs of text, and character dialog doesn’t count towards that. You may only enter once but here is a perk: You may continue to tweak and edit your entry until the final day! Also, your entry MUST HAVE A TITLE since this will be used for the poll, not your user name. Please put the title in boldface and post your writing as a reply to this thread. Now go have fun!

1st Place: 1 brand new, unopened hard copy of Evolve for PC along with a full set of Evolve wristbands. This is of course the basic version of Evolve. Sorry, PC only.

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Places will each receive a set of wristbands (Photos show front and backs of bands).

Honorable Mention: 1 Hunter or Monster DLC skin pack

March 21st at Midnight (short time frame!)

An open poll will be created for everyone to vote on entries. The top 5 entries will then be voted on by devs and other moderators which will determine winner placement. We will settle any ties. Judging will take place over several days, to give everyone a chance to read all entries prior to voting. This will be announced after the 21st.

Devs and mods are welcome to enter (obviously will not vote for themselves). Those that already have Evolve may also enter. It is assumed that if you win and already have a copy of Evolve, you’ll honorably share it with a fellow forum member or a friend still waiting for a copy. You may also opt to instead pass your winnings on to the next person, if you just want to have the fun of entering this contest but don’t need the winnings. As the one that created this contest I will not be partaking in the vote, nor leaving direct comments to the thread due to bias. But know I plan to read and gobble up every entry quite happily!


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growllll Dear diary growlll.

Today i woke up early, I had a bad nightmare growlll. I don’t remember exactly what it was about. growlll but it was real scary. There was a flying monster, he kept shooting these kind of screaming balls at us.growlll growlll growlll.
I even saw my boss maggie die together with all her friends. Markov, Val, and that old guy… can’t remember his name…growlll growlll growlll. I had this dream a couple of times. It takes place in a strange world, a place i do not know. there are all sorts of animals and plant’s. Felt kind of hostile.growlll growlll growlll. well that was my night, ill be writing on a little more when we have lunch. xx growlll growlll

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Daisy’s Found A Monster
A Haiku





I like flying by MaddCowQQ

Maggie seems to be upset about something today. Not sure what. She and Hyde seem to be getting into another Tiff over her necklace right before I get to fly. I like flying. They even gave me a cute little parachute. I wonder what we’re going after today. I hope it’s another Kraken. They are usually easy to find. The Hunters yell at me when it is a Wraith. It’s not my fault they can’t follow my lead better. They are usually too busy chasing it’s Decoy. Silly humans. However, it would be sad if they end up dying. They are generally nice to me. One of them even said I am big enough to give them a ride. As if I would stoop that low to give anyone besides Maggie a ride on me. Some of them are also a bit fat and heavy for me and I would be scared to have one of them squash me.

So now we’re falling. I wonder if this is what it feels like to fall when Kraken is in the air. The air blowing my tongue around is great. Oh, now we’ve landed. Looks like a forest. Well, back to work. This Monster isn’t sneaky, footprints all over the place. Smells like a Goliath. I start on the scent and dart ahead while the team tags behind. It isn’t long until we find some remains of some poor creatures that it had for lunch. We zoom past them and oh hey look, the footprints end. Time to get serious. Sniffing the ground I can tell it headed North. I let out a howl and start charging ahead again. I look back and see that someone stepped on to a Carnivorous Plant and is screaming for help. Just my luck. The team turns around to help them. I wish I could talk. I would yell at them that the Monster is getting away. Oh look, now they are fighting a Giant Sloth. I’m just going to sit down until they’ve had their fun. One of them gets the wind knocked out of them and needs help being picked up. I think it was Cabot. The others seem to be yelling at each other for not separating correctly.

Now that we are done with that… Ewwww… now they are eating something from the body. Gross. They say it makes them stronger. Not sure how that works, oh well. Back to the chase. By now the Monster has a good lead on us and after a few more moments we hear it’s roar indicating that it just got stronger. Markov cheers for a great upcoming battle. I like the monsters when they are weaker. They are smaller and less scary. Some of the others grumble about letting it get stronger without even seeing it once yet. Back to work though.

We head a bit further and see a large charred section of earth where the creature seemed to have gained strength. No footprints so nose back to the ground. The scent is strong but doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I start pattering and find a bush that smells of the creature. I look up and notice it staring at me. I howl to let the Hunters know that it is here. However, when I look back I see that they are busy fighting some sort of creature in the water called a Tyrant. It doesn’t look like it’s going well for them. They must be having an off day. The Goliath starts chasing me and breathing fire on me. I get singed and oh how it hurts. The next thing I know is I hear a loud crash and a giant boulder crashes on me. It hurts. The Hunters are still busy fighting a Tyrant while I"m limping on the ground. I’ve had this happen before. It doesn’t hurt too much. The last thing I see is the Goliath stomping after the fight that erupted by the Tyrant.

After a minute or so I find myself back on the drop ship. Even after hearing one of the smart girls talk about it I still don’t get how it works. They said not to worry about it as it is just the future. Not sure what that means. The drop doors open and its time to fly again. I like flying. Somedays the Hunters seem on the ball, and other times it seems like they are zombies. I don’t get it. Sometimes they talk to each other and sometimes they are quiet. I don’t know why they act differently each drop. It’s like they are different people. Maybe this whole process means that they are never the same each time. Oh well. Time to fly. I like to fly.


Don’t forget your titles! Also, make the title Bold so it’s easily distinguished.
I got ya covered @mortalbound.

So vague lol. Give us a word count Sledge!

You needed a 5th Hey to make it a haiku lol.

You said deadline is March 21st at midnight. You mentioned that this is a short time. Did you mean Feb. 21st?

This right here. If I’m gonna make characters talk, it’s not enough, if I’m not, it’s possible I’ll end up with an entire page of text in one wall.

At least give us a number. Pretty please! :blush:

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4 Feet on the ground

Falling… Falling. 4 feet on the ground. Last one down. Eight footprints on the ground heading straight ahead. Wrong. Pungent scent coming from the opposite direction. I start to follow the scent. Maggie follows but the rest of the humans follow the tracks. It smells like the Burning man’s locker, can’t they smell it? Silly humans.

Half a mile later. All are following now. Flesh eating plant, going around, one of the silly humans gets caught in it though. The scary doctor helps him out of it. he seems agitated, big throbbing vein on his forehead- maybe he keeps too many thoughts to himself? No, he proceeds to share them quite loudly with everyone, so that can’t be it.
The scent leads me to an opening, I hear the running water disturbed. 4 Feet on the ground, I feel the vibration in them all. It’s close… Maggie opens the sky box, and the world becomes a little smaller for the time being, and things get silent. I can smell it still, I tell them Loudly “It is here, in this bu-”


It can apparently jump very far. The beast lands near the scary doctor, he goes silent very quick. Not much of a chance. The beast immediately goes for Maggie, I want to help her, but I remember they told me not to, the scary doctor must do this they say. I run to him and try to lick his wounds, push against his shoulder, and eventually, he rises up and runs to Maggie. She was not moving on the ground, my heart sank.The beast was fighting the other two humans now, he didn’t notice any of us.
The scary Doctor shouts at her and uses the needles. I don’t like needles, but they bring Maggie back to me. I like Maggie. Maybe the doctor is not so scary…

Fire burns the plants. The beast roars and knocks trees down, stomping and slamming the humans around. They fire their weapons at it, the beast recoils but does not stop. The sky box is down now, but the beast presses it’s strength.
Eventually, everyone in the pack falls, down but alive. I am left standing. The beast towers over the humans, and prepares to do it’s worst, but it sees me. I glare and snarl. “You, yeah you” I say to it, teeth bared. I take my place between it and the humans. Firmly, I plant 4 feet on the ground.

“Move me…”


A Day in the Life of a Tame Trapjaw by blade5205

 As the sun begins to rise Daisy is woken from her slumber where she was dreaming of things that only trapjaws can think. She was woken by the voice of her tamer Maggie, who screamed "Daisy come on we leavin on the dropship in five". Of course Daisy has no cognition of what the dropship or "in five" are, but she has learned to wake and obey Maggie, because everyday with her owner has only brought Daisy pleasure beyond any wild trapjaw's imagination. So after stretching out her legs Daisy make her way to Maggie who's already aboard the ship and they fly off to fight the perils of shear.
 The dropship started to slow, and Daisy starts to become excited as she has come to learn that this means she's about to be able to free fall to the ground, an activity trapjaws didn't even know was possible. Daisy can hear the hunters conversing, Cabot saying "Alright guys lets be real careful today we got reports of a goliath making trouble at the Dam" and Lazarus replying "How many lives has he taken from us there?". Parnell interrupts with "it dosent matter how many guys you can't bring back, only the simple fact that the monster needs to be dealt with" and Maggie agreeing "Thats right, and where gonna be the ones to hunt that big fella down". As the hatch opens they all nod at one another and make their jumps then preparing herself for the fall Daisy gets in a pouncing position and jumps! She smiles wide as the rush of hair flys off her body and just before landing she gets the thrill of her parachute opening allowing her to bring her fun decent to a slow landing. 
 Now that the team is all on the ground, Daisy gets to work and starts sniffing out the burning embers of the goliath's breath. She takes the team down the side of a river where she then proceeds to make an abrupt right and start climbing a cliff. At the top the team quickly notices a sloth's dead carcass, and Daisy sniffs it and gets a whiff of the Goliath's odor. She takes off again through a nearby cave and soon makes her way to a big black and red bubbly mass that smells just like the Goliath. The team of hunters weren't so confused by the mass and realized that it was the goliath attempting to go into stage 2 so they start to fire at it, and once the stage 2 goliath emerged Daisy understood what was going on and ran to start taking nibbles at the Goliath's toes. Annoyed at this the Goliath throws Daisy at the team, hitting cabot in the process, and then the Goliath tries to leap away, but after seeing the brute throw her pet Maggie screams "You'll never get away!" as she throws up the dome. 
 Daisy had landed hard and was a bit dazed, but once she came to her senses she noticed the Goliath made a rampage of destruction on Lazarus and had thrown him out the way to let him die off to the side, so being the helpful team member she is Daisy went to Lazarus's aid and helped him back up, which saved the team's efforts because Cabot and Maggie were dying with Parnell almost out of his shield. Lazarus picked up the two dying members and healed up Parnell and Daisy, and then as the dome was going down the Goliath attempted to run away, but Daisy wasn't going to let that happen.
Daisy took off after the monster, who at this point was bleeding out on the verge of death. Daisy was running so fast she accidentally stepped on a loose rock near the edge of a cliff and fell straight down, cutting off her collar and equipment in the process and falling hard to the river bank. The beat up team lost Daisy's signal and Maggie started to panic. Cabot and Parnell tried to keep her from losing sight from the mission as Parnell yells "The monster's above us!" and they all look up to see the goliath leaping from up top a cliff and coming down to smash them. Unprepared for the blow the whole team was hit hard by the Goliath's impact and layed down cowering as the Goliath lifted a huge rock to finish them off. As the team all begin to panic and scream they hear some rocks shuffle and then see Daisy jumping over them towards the Goliath. Daisy then bit straight into the Goliath's neck as she came into his vicinity and ripped out a thick chunk of the beast's Adam's apple. After flailing back and forth three times the monster spits out a final breath of fire and falls to the ground, and that was the day that Parnell, Cabot, and Lazarus all began to respect Daisy the way that Maggie does.

i was wondering too because march seems a bit far off

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Nope, it is for March…a month for the deadline roughly. For me, as a writer, that’s a short amount of time, lol!


I’m actually going to put some good effort into this. So no word count then lol? Just 5 paragraphs? How long is a paragraph at least sledge!!!

It does’t really matter but I feel the temptation to cheat and have some extra long paragraphs lol.


Fair enough. I went into my Word program but can’t seem to find the word count button at the moment. I would make a paragraph no longer than 15 sentences long max so you should have ample room.

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I would post in here, but I have no talent in writing and I don’t need an extra copy of Evolve.
Good luck all.

Dear Friends

Dear Maggie: Where have you gone? We were fighting the big lizard and now you are gone. I know I’m not the best, but I always do what I can for the team. I remember the fun we had when I was just a puppy and I am so glad you found me, but now I can’t find you.

Dear Hyde: You spit mean words as hot as the fire on your wrist, but I will always pick you up if you need me. You may act like a big tough guy, but you always bring me a nice snack after each hunt. I always love following your lead, but now I can’t find you.

Dear Cabot: Thank you for giving Maggie a chance. She is the sweetest girl I know. We may not be the strongest or the fastest, but we are definitely the best friends. Your dust really helps lead the way, but you can count on me when we get lost. We can always find the big one, but now I can’t find you.

Dear Lazarus: Your weird arm thing always makes me feel better and I hope my kisses make you feel just as good. You may not give me treats or even pet me, but you are always there when I feel down. Now I am strong and proud, but I can’t find you.

Dear Kraken: Please don’t eat me, too.

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Thrill of the Hunt

    We are in the dropship. Reports of a Wraith came in and Cabot sent Maggie, Caira, Bucket, Hyde, and me to kill it. Ironically enough, it is at the Wraith Trap. Must be here to free its friend. They shouldn't be tourturing the beast like that. They should just kill it. But it's not my place to say that. Only Maggie can understand me, and I know that using the Wraith could help us deal with mosters more easily. Thhis morning went by like a blur. One minute I was eating some dune wolf meat for breakfast, the next an alarm went off and the hunters met in the Laure-Ann's map room. Cabot choose the team, and Maggie got my gear on. Now we are going to kill a Wraith.

    We fall out of the ship with grace. The others use their jetpacks to slow the fall while my parachute deploys, keeping me from breaking my legs. "Find the Wraith, Ruva." Maggie says to me. I sniff the ground. Each moster has a distinct smell. Goliath smells like burned flesh and dirt. Kraken smells like fried squid and death. The Behemoth smells like charcoal and smoke. The Wraith smells the worst. It is like a poisened Tyrant corpse that has been in the sun for a week, mixed with a crowbill sloth's puke. It also has a faint smell of maggots. Ironic since Wraith is the female moster, which you would assume would mean it would smell the best. I find its scent. I race to it, jumping over stumps and going under roots, while the others follow. I come to a halt when I find a pack of dead Trapjaws. They are pale and skinny, their flesh decaying at a faster than normal rate. This is the Wraith's handy work. It drained them to gain armor and evolve. Then I here it. A high pitched screech of pain from the Wraith. It only makes that sound when evolving. "There goes our bloody advantage." Hyde says. "Look on the bright side Hyde, at least now its even strength with you." Caira replies. "We now have a eighty percent variable that we have a fifty percent chance of winning." Bucket added. "I like those odds." Hyde says. I find the moster's scent and go after it. Caira uses her acceleration field to speed us up.

          We keep wandering for half an hour before Hyde gets pissed. "Where in the hell is that Wraith?" He asks. Then I hear something. It sounds like... teleportation. The Wraith teleports and grabs Maggie, then teleports back. I get an adrenaline burst and run to the sound of Maggie shouting. She is on the ground and the Wraith is trying to impale her. But Maggie is tough, and keeps rolling away. I climb a nearby platform and jump on the Wraith's back, biting down on its shoulder. Its blood tastes like rotten meat and posion. The Wraith trys to hit me off but I hold on. Then it hits me with the side of its blade and sends me into a rock. I feel a few ribs crack and I have a headache. Blood it trickling over my eye and into my mouth. The Wraith stands over me and raises its claws. Then harpoon traps lock into its arms and blades. I use the last of my strength to run and get out of the way so Maggie can shoot the Wraith. She unloads a whole clip into its back before it breaks the traps. It smacks Maggie with its hand and she goes into a tree, impaling her arm on a sharp branch. The other hunter finally arrive and come to help Maggie. I have already broken the branch and pulled it out of her, and am licking the hole in her shoulder. Trapjaw saliva numbs pain in anything, which can both help allies and make enemies lose feeling in important places. Caira shoots healing grenades, at us. My ribs heal and the gash in my head closes. Maggie's branch hole isn't even a scar anymore. The Wraith attacks but Hyde burns it and Bucket unloads missles at it. It then dissolves, making us realize that it was a decoy the Wraith used while we were distracted. "Damn it! We could have had it iif your dog hadn't ran off ahead of us." Hyde yelled at Maggie "If Daisy hadn't come, I would be dead!" Maggie shouted back. That shut Hyde up. For some reason, the guy with a flamethrower, mingun, and toxic grenades is scared of Maggie. The high pitched scream came again. The Wraith was at its final stage. "We gotta move to the power relay now!" shouted Caira. She used her acceleration field and we ran. 

               Luckily we got there first. Bucket put five sentry turrents around the relay. "I am going to use my head and scout for the Wraith." Bucket said. He took his head off and went to find it. When he came back he said "Fully armoured Wraith inbound. He activated his cloak and we all got ready. The Wraith came and attacked the turrents. It was a decoy so it got killed quickley. Then the real one came and destroyed the turrednts quickley. The Wraith was about to start destroying the relay when Hyde threw a toxic grenade. The Wraith screamed in anger, and Hyde broke our stealth. He shot at the Wraith with his minigun. Caira used her Napalm, Maggie used her machine gun, and Bucket used missiles. Maggie put up a dome to stop the moster frm escaping. The Wraith went for Hyde, and slashed at him. At the last second his personal sheil went up, saving him. He kept shooting no matter how much the Wraith hit him. But as soon as his sheild went down, the Wraith went supernova on him and took him down. We rushed to help but the Wraith warp blasted us and shot us apart. Luckily Caira went past Hyde and unleased a healing burst, which got him on his feet. We all worked together, the others shooting at the Wraith. I bit off one of its spikes, making it ooze blood. I also raked its back. The final hit was Caira getting a napalm grenade down the Wraith's throut, burning its organs. It fell, blood coming out of its mouth. Maggie petted me. "This was a good hunt Ruva." She said. Yes it was. One of the best. They are my pack, and this was our kill.

Hold on, lemme fix it.

…Fixed it.

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