Daisy will NOT stop using the Kala's teleporters


I decided to come play Kala and I noticed that every time I (or anyone for the matter) needed/wanted to use the teleporters during a dome it was almost never available. This is because Daisy would constantly move through the teleporters as soon as they were up!

Furthermore, Daisy seems to go straight for a nearby teleporter completely overriding(?) her tracking of the Monster. This was very apparent when the drop-ship came down and we were chasing a monster that spooked some birds almost immediately when we landed. Placing a teleporter down and then traveling towards the destination I put down another teleporter “just to be safe” in case we need to go back, and as soon as it was armed Daisy stopped going towards where the Monster was and went straight to the teleporter, ran all the way back from the generator just to take the teleporter again. Safe to say the Monster got a free Stage 2.

Confused Daisy
Dai$y transport
Daisy AI bugs with Kala's teleports

Yes daisy mistakens kalas tellys as the monster lol. Good dog


Happens to me as well. It’s like she prioritizes the teleporter over anything else. D<


But guys! Portals are fun!

On a more serious note, it is a bit silly that she prioritizes the portals over tracking ._.


Can I get a video of this? Would be so funny :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I keep experiencing this as well. She doesn’t ALWAYS prioritize it, but she loves those portals. In one match, three of us were respawning with Daisy. As soon as we hit the ground, she ran to a portal 140m away and used it to teleport to us at the relay.

In another match, we were staged at a relay, and I was standing near a teleporter as Maggie. Daisy repeatedly lined up with it, ran through it, and teleported 90m away. She continued this at least five more times before the monster engaged us.

It’s stupidly adorable, but inconvenient at times. It’s like Daisy is a cat and the portal is a laser pointer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Basically this… when Daisy is with me.


I think the only reason why she does this is because sometimes Maggie gets to far from daisy so daisy just takes a shortcut lol and uses the teleporter

Why climb when daisy can teleport


wait, babality is a thing now?

i knew MK10’s been out for a while and it looked kinda neat but i hadnt played MK since the third one…xD


What, trapjaws can’t have fun?
That’s species-ist!


I was just about to make a thread about this. Happens with Wasteland Daisy too, obviously.


Same AI, so I would be worried if it didn’t.


This, and this and some of this and all of those. Daisy doesn’t track with kala. She has too much fun playing portal. Made me switch trappers. On that note, love crows stasis buff.


Crow’s buff is just ridiculous. Never in my life have I whipped so hard.


I have this problem with any bot (huehue, not me you silly) near the teleporter.

^ They just kept running into the teleporter over and over again.

Either you have no teleporters in the dome or you have both teleporters in the dome or else the trapper will teleport outside. Bad trapper, bad!

At least that’s my experience. Dunno if that’s a different issue?


I completely forgot about this! Yes, AI/Bots in general will keep messing with the teleporters as well. I’m unsure how this even made it past testing?


Bots messing with the teleporters keep messing up my Kala elite attempts :stuck_out_tongue:

On topic, I have for sure lost one or two games with Maggie or Mad Mags because of Daisy doing this. She’s drawn to them like a moth to a lightbulb.


Ive crossed this as well.

As mentioned, all the bots appear to do it. But it will probably be the most problematic with daisy due to her always being AI controlled, and a likely inclusion on the team.


As written in the title daisy AI tends to make wrong decisions. for example:
I was incapped and in my vicinity (not close to me at all) there was a portal, she decided to let me die (cause i told my team “yeah keep following the monster there’s daisy to help me”) so they went, and daisy came here to start the process of getting me up, just to stop it on her own, and quickly going into a portal (she’s now 300m away from me and my team is like 200m). i obviusly died and lost the game cause the monster as soon as he saw me (the assault) dead, he turnt around 3v1 killed every single one.
i explained all of this just to make you understand how much of a pain in the ass is daisy’s AI.
Also she’s very buggy on everything: takes the longer paths, the wrong paths, she takes 3hrs bugging on a wall, going up and down for like 1 whole minute making the trapper lose the monster.

if there’s one thing to fix… that should be daisy AI.


She seems to prioritize portals.