Daisy will just stand there like an idiot and willingly die


Daisy will on occasion just stand there and let herself be the monster’s punchbag, even if she’s the only hunter standing (which has her whole team thinking “RUN AWAY, OR REVIVE SOMEONE, YOU DUMB DOG!”). I made a GIF of one such example (the hunters were alive and about 40 meters away from her): http://i.imgur.com/L1ZjSk2.gif . At first I thought she was eating the fauna corpse!


I love this feature of Daisy, I also noticed if I kill all the hunters but don’t attack her she will follow me as well. This is the only time I kill the generator, because I want to keep Daisy alive as my own pet trapjaw.

Maggie eat your heart out! (If I didn’t eat it already)

In all fairness I think if all 4 of the players are dead making the Daisy run away or to hard to find it would just be to powerful. She is already really good for the fact she revives and finds the monster so effectively. If the rest of you die it should be game over.


She wouldn’t be too hard to find since the monster has smell and way more mobility than her. Besides, I think that even with Daisy, Maggie is still underpowered compared to the other two trappers, so any buff to Daisy is a win imho and will make her more worthy of her status as a 5th hunter.


Daisey has a bad habit of standing around beyond just battle… I used to think she was a great asset, but beyond picking up downed hunters, not really a fan anymore. Not only will she just stop tracking at times, but she also seems to create a myopic sense with the hunters as they will focus on her,instead of tracking and anticipating the monster on their own.

Between the UAV and sound spikes, she’s not really needed for the hunt imo