Daisy will find you



Omgsus so scare wow very amaze yay


Daisy finds all


Well she would. Except she’s way too fat.


Daisy is not fat, she is big boned.





She just has an alien body type.

Betcha her obesity has something to do with that Canyon Eel


O_o Poor Daisy. Everyone shoveled their awful Canyon Eel into her throat and now she’s a fatty.


She only wanted to help them avoid the sickness…


And it worked- temporarily. But then they saw her running along, jiggling like a box of jelly on a rollercoaster, and they were all sick. Literally.



Hence why, besides the medic, daisy is always my first target. Even if I take some hits to my health.


Daisy is so OP…


*Daizy daizy DAIZY DAIZY come out and play the clock is ticking and rain drops are falling bridges are tumbling tear drops are falling daizy daizy DAIZY DAIZY the clock has just struck and ran out.

You can no longer hide


I like Daisy. She is easy to fool :smiley: I just hate her in combat rezzing :stuck_out_tongue: Very easy to lose track of her as she isn’t doing damage at times.




Why yes… yes I did :slight_smile:


That Canyon Eel sounded delicious. The best food is food that fights back.


This is why Hunters should be worth 4 meats :smiley: Fatties should be 5 :smiley: