Daisy was Name Changed?



I’ve been rewatching my own gameplay and noticed that Maggie calls Daisy something like ‘Ruva’ or ‘Roofa’, and when she is talking with Hank on the dropship she says something like ‘… but once I had Ruva here…’.

So was Daisy originally called Ruva, or am I misunderstanding and she’s saying something else.


Ruva means Daisy in Maggie’s native language.


Bucket addresses it actually, Bucket, knowing the ancient language asks Maggie how she knew it and such but apparently Maggie just heard her grandma, who was a part of her ancient ancestors society refer to daisy as “Ruva” so she sometimes calls her that as well. Bucket then goes on to say how her ancestors were amazing people and that humanity wouldn’t be so advanced without them.


I totally read that in Bucket’s voice :stuck_out_tongue:


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I always thought they were just mispronouncing the word Rover, which is a term sometimes used for dogs.

Being so far in the future and out in the colonies, it’s not hard to imagine words today being all ancient and weird sounding to them.