Daisy third star won't progress


So I leveled up Daisy to the second star within the second day of release but the game won’t progress her being the second star. The game just says +5% health under her progression badge. Why is the game not crediting me for the “good girl” progress I’ve been raking up?


Yep. Its happening to me with my Goliath skills. Look familiar?


Yeah man, that sucks. Are you on an X1? It’s giving me progress for Maggie’s other tools, just not Daisy…


I am on Xbox 1 yep


That looks like you got rekt as the monster.


On 1st star, you need to follow Daisy.
On 2nd star, you need Daisy to revive teammates.
On 3rd star, you need Daisy to revive even more teammates.


Have you complete the other 1 star masteries? You have to have all the other masteries to the 1 star for it to start working towards the second star.