Daisy the most annyoing creature on Shear


Does anyone else made the experience, that Daisy is able to find a monster fast as hell? Every one is talking about her having no brain but everytime shes able to find me so unbelievable fast. You cant even sneak to get away from her. Maggie has become to my hardest hunter at the moment.



Daisy is the MVP?

And no, no she isn’t.


You know her weakness? She’s easy to kill m8, no one ever heals or shields poor daisy =[


You can sneak around Daisy, because she slows down and there are certain tricks to juke her out. You can, as @TrickyMrGreen said kill her because no one protects her much. And don’t forget that you are faster than Daisy.


River swap with bunny hops, power squats for daisy stomps, power jump those damage dodge, no sneaky shot keep on the run. Do quick stops for pork chops. That’s how you stop a maggie comp.


ok thank you I will try this


I don’t even know what you just said but it’s amazing! It’s like a crazy poetic rap song jiving in my head.


Who would ever shield Daisy? XD


I shield daisy, she’s the mvp! :cry:


OP when did you get the game?


Daisy is fat


There is but one answer when it comes to Daisy; slay her!!!

Edit: seriously though, as a monster…Daisy is the easiest to control (her movements and such) her AI is very predictable. If the team wants to protect her, they will waste their healing/shields and won’t have any when you decide to focus them.
As a hunter, I’m okay with Daisy taking a loss some times if that means a faster dropship.



Lately Ive been having the opposite problem, daisy is way too slow.

OC my trapping skills are also complete ass atm, getting juked by any monster that sneak starts lately.


I’ve been playing for a while and still don’t know the exact mechanics of daisy. Does she follow footprints primary or monsters scent secondary or vice versa

Like say leaving a false trap for daisy. Will she completely ignore the false tracks and just follow monsters scent?.


Maddcow explained it a while back; here ya go. :smile:
I’m pretty sure her mechanics haven’t changed since then so this should still be true.


That was savage!!!
But now it’s on, like Donkey Kong.

You can’t sneak, gota leave a trail,
just keep moving faster than that Daisy pail!!
You gota be quick, gota be fast,
or Planet Tamer Maggie will smoke your ass!!
She’s from Factor!! Where the huntings good,
she’ll sniff out any Monster in her neighborhood!!!

Now Daisy’s only as fast as Maggie!!
Hopefully, her PING, is not to laggy.
The key to losing Daisy, avoid turns!!
Or they’ll find you as quick as their jetpacks burns!!
But she’ll never beat you in a foot race!!
Run straight lines and she really loses her pace.
Never stop trekking uphill, like a mule!!!
Make sure them Hunters, waste their Jetpack Fuel!!!
You want Daisy to be scared of your Monster play?
Run fast, don’t sneak, you’ll lose her any day.

I-I spit hot fire, Morty!!!


Here is one of my recent videos that I use to help demonstrate how Daisy’s mechanics work. I’m too busy to make a super professional video, but it’s pretty good at getting the details across.

I have a few others but they are spread out around my videos on my channel.


She ignores tracks completely. She follows your scent. Apparently your scent is harder to get when you bend over a little, but only when she’s close, because video game logic. You can trick Daisy with the smell though. If you stay in an area for a while, like you wiggle on the spot, and then either traverse away (speed) or sneak away (reduced scent, somehow), then Daisy will go towards that location. She won’t go right to the spot and then turn away, it only fools her for a few seconds. Try using this to get Daisy to go the long way around a massive, map splitting rock column instead of her cutting you off.


She follows tracks.