Daisy - the hero of Shear


I just have to share some amazing Daisy stories. As someone who mostly plays Maggie I have had some incredible matches that would probably not end well without this incredible and silly creature.

Example #1
Match stars, the tracks are right there at the drop spot unmistakenly leading straight ahead. Everyone jumps ahead while I wait a second and look at Daisy. Daisy gives zero fucks about tracks, she turns around and goes the opposite direction. 10 seconds later I catch up to monster sneaking away, traps him and team proceeds to beat the crap out of level 1 monster. Happened few times, except people learned to wait just a little bit before following the tracks.

Example #2
A wild pursuit is ongoing, monster is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, Daisy slows down and starts sniffing. She is slow so people are getting impatient because I am not moving. Daisy stops and points into nothing. She is not moving. I was about to yell at her but I just couldn’t, once I saw her cute jaw and fat legs. Instead, I look at “nothing”, open voice chat:
Guys… I am marking the monster for you. He does not know I see him. Do not engage. Hank, be a good guy and drop some rockets in his sorry ass. Val, get ready to snipe and tranq.
Proceed to win the game.

Example #3
Final stand against Stage 3 Goliath. Medic and trapper are dead and monster is going after support next. Knocks him down and starts attacking assault with a fury of a thousand suns. Smart assault moves away from spport. Suddenly, Daisy to the rescue, licks support, less than a second later assault is down. Monsters goes after support again. Daisy licks assault at the same time monster knocks out support. Monster is furious, goes crazy after Daisy. Assault survives long enough to have all of us spawn again. Proceed to win the game as a trapper, being sole survivor and killing the monster with a last bullet in his clip as he is charging right at him. Congratulations are being dealt on all sides like true gentlemans. Daisy is uniformly recognized as a true hero.

I just love this ugly creature. Share your own stories if you have them.


I use to love Daisy, then this one time I was down and she kept trollin’ me. She would come to revive me, then stop half way and run around in circles, only to revive me to half way again and repeat running around in circles… And then she was killed.