Daisy, please run!


I would like to see daisy hustle when she’s the last alive and not just sit there until the monster comes close or sometimes even wait until the monster attacks her.


You should see how much we SCREAM on the teamspeak when the stupid dog chases after the monster or brings the monster to the last guy alive.


When you are the monster and the last ones alive are support and daisy.

Where’d he go girl, daisy starts running off in his direction, GOOD GIRRRRRLLLLLL…

As a 2 story killing machine using the dog to track the puny humans brings me so much ironic joy.


That stupid mut, if you ever give me the chance to put her down ill gladly do it.


Maggie should just be able to control daisy when she dies
and use her to stall the game find the monster or revive teammates
and just like the monster when maggie controls daisy she gets the smell ability

Or let teammates control daisy too
pressing equipment button toggles if teammates can control her or not.


Ohhh, how about there is a 5th player that can control daisy :wink: ?


Daisy must have a sad death wish after the death of her human :’(


Once Maggie dies, Daisy becomes helpless.