Daisy not stopping timer?


all hunters had 2 strikes, i took daisy out, 11 seconds on clock. got some armor from her AND THE FUCKING ROUND ENDS AS IM EATING DAISY.

what the fark… SRSLY???


Wait what? More details please.


i cant say it any more clear. timer was paused (there was 11 seconds on it). all the hunters were alive with 2 strikes. daisy is air dropping in. i pounce her, she dies as she has 2 strikes also.


you know what? im done. top 100 wraith in world, im happy with that. ill just play mk9/x and arma 3. at least i dont get farked over in those due to stupid coding.


See that helps me a lot more tiny details like the fact that all the hunters were alive and the timer was at 11 seconds helps. The problem is that attacking Daisy doesn’t put you into combat I believe. Not sure if that’s intentional or not.


Where was the power generator when all this was happening?


about 20 meters? away. i could have warp blasted to it. i had actually taken it down to half health.


There’s no need to get frustrated.


youre right. its a game. its a stupid thing to get mad about.

thats why im uninstalling it.

half of the ~30 losses i have are due to crap mechanics like this.


Maybe you had killed her and the timer started up again.
was the timer going down while pouncing?
I’m not sure if pouncing stops timer.
Well, what were you doing with only 11 second left anyways?


This was my thought since pounce leaves the hunter helpless and its technically not combat. Open conflict, meaning hunter and monster can hurt each other, is what stops the timer I think. Although I’ve never dragged a game to have to stare at 11secs so not sure on that.

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