Daisy needs to be Upgraded!


Hey Guys, I’m fairly new to Evolve but love the design of characters, i play mainly trappers, but recently I’ve felt Maggie and Daisy are a bit… well useless partnership, like you only have 3 skills because honestly i feel daisy doesn’t do anything. With the new Trapper skill, finding the monster isn’t the hard part any more, so Daisy howling every minute of the game is more off putting then it is helpful, but even if i ignore that point i made because its more cosmetic, shes a dog type creature who hunts the monster. The thing that annoys me the most is that daisy isn’t smart, shes meant to help Maggie but she doesn’t heal or revive or attack the monster she just seems to run around pointlessly, like i know the AI for trap-jaws are ok because there in the games as a neutral monster and the fact that the actual enemy monster AI is smart i don’t understand why daisy can’t act smart too. SO here’s my idea maybe you could have a tagging system on her 3rd ability slot like “Q” but instead its like Attack when on Monster and when a player is down you tag them for her to revive and finally if you are down yourself you can use it to call Daisy to revive you, to still keep the AI on maybe have it if shes not been given a command in certain time then she acts by herself.

Sorry its a bit long winded but i believe Maggie and Daisy could be an awesome pair that compliment each other well, After all Daisy is also part of the Hunter Family :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds awesome!


But she does though :smiley:
Regular daisy revives hunters, tracks the monster etc.
Wasteland Maggie’s, Daisy actually attacks the monster she has a flamethrower on her back.


FYI: Daisy does revive people

But I don’t think Daisy needs to be made some kind of active ability, however I do think something needs to be done with her. With the new Planet Scanner being on every Trapper, the team is effectively going ahead of what is supposed to be their bloodhound all game long. That doesn’t even sound right, so clearly something should be changed there.


I’d like it if you could get Daisy to run ahead after the monster. Daisy would have two modes “Track” and “Chase” that are swapped by using her ability button. During “Tack” she’ll stick close to the nearest hunter and point them in the direction of the monster, basically what she does now. During “Chase” she’ll actively hunt the monster down by running ahead. Maggie can also hold the button down to call Daisy back to her.

Being able to call her back, at the very least, would be super handy for when Daisy wanders off on her own in the dome and is about to get mauled to death by the monster. It would also be nice for when she gets “lost” and no one is near her.


Daisy need a buff though. SHE’S SO DAMN SLOW. As an experienced player with 400+ hours in the game, daisy feels pretty useless other than reviving people. Thanks to the planet scanner, you can zero in on the monster without the help or need of daisy. As a result, daisy is left far in the dust, struggling to keep up with even the slowest members of an experienced hunter team.


Sorry i Wrote this badly, i know she revives but there are some times where she literally just stands there like she may attempt to revive you once but the number of times I’m shouting at my screen for her to revive and shes stuck on a rock or is just running around aimlessly, as for attacking I’ve never seen her attack.


Yeah, Daisy’s AI isn’t the best. Especially when she’s paired with Kala… shudders

But, if there’s ONE thing she does well, it’s tracking the monster, which is literally her one general job.

P.S: If you notice Daisy not reviving people, it may not be a bug in her AI. It could also be because you have a Laz. She literally is incapable of bringing people back so long as you have a living Lazarus on the team.


Wait. They still didn’t fix that?!


Well I don’t know. You already know (or should know) that I’m not a PC player. All I know is that it isn’t fixed on XBone. I’d ASSUME it’s been fixed on PC, since it’s certainly a pretty big issue.


I also should know birthdays of my family members…


This is Best Response. ~Markov / Heavy Weapons Guy


They have. I play Kala basically all the time, it’s fixed.

What they did not fix, however, is Daisy reviving people when Laz is two ****ing feet away. :frowning:


Daisy useless?

She is giving 15% speed boost aura to surrounding Hunters.

Just equip full Movement speed perks and wuiiiiiiiii fun begins (not joking) and Monster is sad.

She is also reviving Hunters and following Monsters directly .

Yes AI is sometimes meh, but she is fine


She gives people strikes when Lazarus is on the team, again, and if the monster so much as LOOKS in her direction she stops reviving and bails.

Her AI made her so skittish and useless that she is basically trash for revives, complete trash. She simply doesn’t do anything right anymore, aside from tracking.


i agree, Daisy looks stupid :smiley:


That’s a bug
Once fixed she’ll only revive hunters if you’re not by them and your glove is down


I am aware.

I’d still rather she only revives Lazarus and no one else unless Lazarus is dead or 150m + away. Otherwise, it’s still going to screw over all kinds of strategies.


Does westland maggie also revives and tracks?


Yes, but her downside is she has a lot less health.