Daisy Mechanics


The trapper class is my favourite and as a player who loves customisation I find my self going for elite skins. I’m on the elite challenge to get 2 revives per game with daisy 30 times. Her Ai is so unpredictable sometimes she runs across the map to revive someone and sometimes she walks by when I’m 2 meters away. Is there anyway in which I can influence her behavior and if not perhaps create a priority option for daisy e.g. Revive a teammate before beginning to retrack etc. Loving the game so far though feel free to add me on psn Eu_Drop :smile:


She can not be beyond…I want to say 25m of Maggie.
She will not revive anyone if Lazarus is alive.
She will run straight into the gaping jaws of the monster if within 10m…that’s supposed to be run away but /shrug
Otherwise she will attempt to track.


I got revived by Daisy while good old Laz was running towards me. He was definitely alive and on his way to rez. me. He saw it too and said something like “sorry man, damn dog was faster” (with a bit more profanity involved)

Maybe it was a glitch or maybe there are additional conditions for “daisy not reviving while laz is alive” though.


Definitely a bug, if you can think of any extenuating circumstances, report it.


I think Daisy bugs and does that if Lazarus is very far away and by the time he gets close Daisy has already got the “order” to revive.Or Lazarus could be dead so Daisy gets the “command” again to res someone.If for example Lazzi is dead with someone else but someone revives Lazzi,Daisy has already got the command that Laz is dead so she must res people now.

Hope you understand what i’m saying.


I was in a rescue map and while all 4 of us were engaged with the monster daisy ran all over and revived all 4 survivors which were 100+ meters away. DAISY MVP!!!


Having worked in QA in the past, I’m not too hot about jumping on the report bug button without more proof than this.

As Wibaki said, there may have been other circumstances that triggered this reaction from Daisy (Laz too far/freshly revived when the decision to lick me back to life was given for example)

If I notice it and can make a guess as how to repro it, I’ll report :slight_smile:


it seems to bug out that if laz is dead while someone else is dead daisy does not get it that lazerus got ressed