Daisy knows where you are


Has anyone ever noticed that Daisy knows where the Wraith is even when she is invisible while the decoy is out?

It was more obvious when I killed every hunter and Daisy was the only one left. I decoyed behind cover so that I didn’t get pistol dmg and Daisy went straight to me instead of the decoy and revealed where I was. I wish I recorded the footage so that I have evidence but I’ll try to post something similar up later on.


By the way, I am talking about flamethrower Daisy. She just walks up and burns you and now you are revealed.


yeah, the flamethrower AI seems to always target wraith, regardless of cloak


Shouldn’t be a thing because no one (including all wildlife) knows exactly where you are.


She can smell you! As a highly trained trapjaw she can track you from the other side of the map do you really something as simple as invisibility will help you? With all that fresh blood on you from your prey this should be expected.


Should look up “juking Daisy” on YouTube. A member from the forums made a good video on how to fool Daisy every time. I believe his name is Maddcow. Not sure, but the video shows how to fool Daisy by “juking” it!!


YouTube >>by maddcowQQ juking Daisy


That video is cool, but that’s not really relevant to the complaint here.


true, just thought that posting that might help him from getting spotted behind cover so easily by juking Daisy…


If a spoiled carton of milk suddenly went invisible you’d still be able to smell it.


@MaddCow You’ve been summoned.


heresy all she does is rave dance up and down a wall


Daisy’s AI is hilariously messed up. When Kala’s around she just jumps through portals repeatedly, she sometimes just stops for no reason, flamethrower Daisy lacks any sort of aggressive instinct, and she spots and burns invisible Wraith.

At least the invisibility thing will be irrelevant in patch 9.0.


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