Daisy just teamkilled me


so i happened to get pushed into some water as i died. daisy came to heal me.

the exact same time as i am revived i’m killed by wildlife instantly

why wasnt the wildlife attacking daisy?




Unless it’s to dampen suspicion, who would attack their mole in the enemy organisation?

But jokes aside, I imagine the AI has a priority attack thing based on different factors


it did nothing until i was revived, then pounce attacked

also i cant play monster, its making me want to not play at all, lol


Wildlife won’t attack Daisy.
I’ve seen Daisy walk by a albino.Didn’t even care.
Daisy is too fabulous.


Yeah, the wildlife is terrified of her. Hence why Maggie doesn’t get badly hurt when she’s around.

You don’t screw with Daisy unless you’re a Monster. So the wildlife hired the Monsters! :blush: Ignore the logic gap.