Daisy just rescued me (In the most unexpected way)


I love you girl.

Kraken wiped out my Team, leaving just Daisy and I. He left me alive (Thanks Newt) so he could armor up while my team dropped in. Well, just has my team is about to drop, I walked right into a plant.

“Great…” I get to wait an extra 2 mins for my next respawn. And a Reaver shows up, just to add insult to my untimely death.

Then, a flash of White and Blue. My precious Artic Daisy, teeth aglow, snarled, attacked and killed both the Reaver and Plant in one bite.

I was in shock. Daisy had just done what I thought impossible. She didn’t sit there, wagging her tail, while I got slowly digested. She came to my defense, destroyed what threatened me and was right back on the Monsters tail in less than a second.

Has anyone encountered this before? I really thought Daisy was incapable of attacking. Why doesn’t she attack the Monster (In Hit and Run fashion)?

Edit: Fortunately I wasn’t stupid enough not to make a clip. If someone has a better explanation I’d love to hear it, but it really looks like Daisy saved me.

Clip: http://xboxclips.com/Supreme+Hunter0/9b78c6cf-69c9-4f22-a8ac-230e1d1b5c8f


She is. Daisy can’t attack, as far as I know…


I second that. Daisy isn’t able to attack, they aren’t in her mechanics.

Most likely it was wildlife of some kind.


Wildlife can’t knock you out of it, they can only damage the hunter inside.


I have seen this before I was in a pub match and Maggie feel into a plant but before I could shoot it daisy saved her.


@MaddCow, what do you think on the matter?


Daisy is a spy working with the Monster to bring it delicious Hunter snacks. It doesn’t like cabbotages though so she freed you… this time.


Also, after 1000 matches played, I just realized Daisy got the Tyrant Regen Buff. I didn’t realize she was affected by Perks and Buffs. I’m learning a surprising amount today.


In all seriousness though, Daisy probably has AI for attacking a plant that Maggie is in and we just never see it because… well, we don’t. Teammates are usually in range to shoot the plants or Maggie is not the one caught.

A less likely theory is that Daisy does have AI for attacking lesser wildlife but it constantly gets overridden by the tracking/revive AI. We see in the video that she attacked the moment she finished climbing the ledge, which may have been a brief window before the tracking/revive loop started.


Daisy…always the real MVP.


I think Daisy can bit monsters or wildlife in some case.

It happened an amasing thing to me with Daisy:
In a game against a goliath who was realy realy close, it end up with four dead hunters, only Daisy alive but the Goliath just had a slice of life. We all think we just loose but Daisy just woke up, look straight in the eye of the goliath approaching her and just kill it with our acclamations. We were all so surprised and I think I never laught that much in my 150 hours on Evolve ^^


That is glorious. Daisy should be agressive more often. Nippy trapjaws are a pain in the butt.


Holy Sh** tho… The video… DAISY IS MVP


Daisy me rollin’, they hatin’


Can any dev confirm this?

It’d be nice to know if Daisy really can attack, or if this is some kind of bug at play.


Checking out the video later.


In my opinion, it appears that Daisy can free you from a plant because its a “revive” of sorts. The plants must take damage to release so she must do a small area attack. The Reaver was essentially ‘in’ the plant at the time of the damaging revive and since they die quickly the “revive bite” killed him too.

When I’ve seen daisy be the sole survivor she essentially gives up ( this was back in Feb. ). The monster just walked up to her and slapped her around while she stood still.

As far as Endos_Poulkos observation, its to bad we don’t have a video. There are so many environment hazards and some have AOE. Its possible the monster was also too close to another creature at the time Daisy seemed to attack.

Very interested in knowing an actual answer

PS: Daisy should absolutely have some sort of opportunist attack, even more so if she’s the only survivor. She should be similarly aggressive as the wild version. In fact, Maggie can’t ‘use’ trapjaw as an ability right? Well maybe she should. Maggie should be able to toggle Search or Attack; maybe even hide. This would give more of a trained bond between Maggie and Daisy. A true trapjaw would look out for their own. Not watch them get slaughtered.


Yep, me too. Don’t know if it is realy intented or not but would be interesting to know if we can count on Daisy in some particular cases and if this is random or not.

I’m pretty sure there not Mammoth Bird (those sneacky mammoth birds who just wait dying monster to kill them) or a big beast around when it happened. Was in the Armory map in the North area upside the spawn area in an open field but not in acid water. Daisy was the only potential letal thing around. I would have record it if I could :’(

If Maggie could give order to Daisy, that could be awesome! :smiley:


Trapjaw combat mode would be so awsome. Could sick her on those pesky reavers too.


Hmm, looks like she did release Maggie. When was this implemented I wonder…