Daisy is STILL reviving hunters with Laz in team


How many more months you require to fix her? She was broken with Kala in legacy, now she’s broken with Laz. You really hate Maggie, do you.


Would really like a fix for this and some AI optimizations for Daisy.


I’ve actually only ever seen Daisy get a revive with Laz in the team when Lazarus was dead or incapped.

Never seen her do a revive otherwise.


happened to me when my device was on cooldown



Daisy is designed to revive hunters while the Lazarus device is on cooldown. Which is stupid IMO.


True. I’d much rather wait for the cooldown to finish.


Maybe maggie could press ‘3’ while daisy is reviving to stop it…


Which is why SOOOOOO many people want this implemented into the game.


Many people also want Respawn Beacon to be reworked, but devs don’t give a shit.


Daisy should work like Slim’s drone when reviving


I’d prefer it if Daisy just kept downed hunters alive instead of actually reviving them when Laz is up, so they stay down but their health doesn’t drop while she’s ‘nursing’ them. If Laz goes down/dies then she revives, but so long as he’s up she just keeps them from dying. That way she’d work with Lazarus instead of against him.


I’ll pass this on to the AI team, I’m not sure what call was made regarding Lazarus’ device being on cooldown (there may even be bugs in about this). I’ll look into it on Monday when I’m back in the office.

Come on now! We do give a shit. We aren’t able to attack absolutely every problem at the same time nor as fast as we’d like; we have to prioritize. We’re seeing how Emet is doing in Stage 2 when we have a chance while trying to focus on things deemed higher priority. There are other characters and abilities in the same state; the work we’re doing for Wraith and Behemoth for example.


I’m not saying you give a shit about everything. I say you don’t give a shit when it comes to what vast majority of forum members want. I even warned you that Emet’s Respawn beacon will become useless in Stage 2. And I was right. I made two very detailed posts as to why this won’t work. Squirrel made me feel like I’m talking to wall (no hard feelings though). I understand you’re working on different things at the same time, but this was suggested MONTHS before Stage 2 came out. And the best part? When I suggested it again, different developer popped out saying it’s a great idea. This showed two things:

  1. There are devs who think it’s great idea.
  2. Communication inside dev team has issues. There is no way that after thorough discussion there are still devs that are unaware of this suggestion.


Similar to forum members, we all have different opinions internally. We have discussions and advocate for things we feel are important. Ultimately, what we prioritize comes down to certain vision holders making the calls. So there are times where a given developer will express agreement with you guys, but it doesn’t get prioritized. We’re not infallible, which isn’t news to anyone here.

Thanks for continuing to expressing your opinions and advocating for changes you believe in.

I’ll look into the Daisy thing on Monday and see what’s going on. Same with Emet’s Respawn Beacon. :bucket_salute:


Such an extraordinary piece of brilliant comeback. There is nothing else I can write to this except: Hats down to you, lady. I’m defeated. You won. :sunglasses:



Thanks for this I have seen your video but I can explain what happened here. Daisy will revive when Laz glove is on cooldown we all know this, but she will not revive if Laz is near the body. As for your video you were not close enough for her not to revive plus once she has started the revive she will not stop unless the monster approaches.


I think you’ll find they do. Evolve wouldn’t exist right now if they didn’t so you can’t come across harsh like that. They have a list priority’s with the most important first and Emet is just not on top of that list right now.


Isnt it daisys job though?


Maybe. But her job fucks up Laz, so all we’re asking for is a tweak to job details.

Something like “If Laz is on the team - Fuck Off!” would be great for Daisy.