Daisy is immune to Tongue Grab


Per title, she takes damage, but is not pulled. It does not work when she is incapped or dead either.


Yep, neither do wild trapjaws, im guessing its intentional


Funny little addition if it’s intentional.


So you can Tongue Grab an Armadon, Tyrant or Sloth but not a dog? :stuck_out_tongue:


The same thing happens - they take damage and that’s it. Trapjaws should be able to be pulled IMO.


trapjaws are almost godlike


…can you?
nvm this I’m tired


It doesnt move them, just deals damage


@Quirkly You can use it on their corpses to move them.


I must test this…


Good for avoiding Carrion.

And for dragging Armadon corpses to places they shouldn’t be and scaring the Hunters.


Yesterday i had an armadon in the lower part of the Medlab building…still not sure what she was doing there…


Some things are better left unsaid.

She likely just followed the Monster in.


Those spines aren’t just for show, trapjaws are like porcupines on top lol.