Daisy is fat (Seeking Official Word - TG Effects On Daisy)


I finally decided to see if this is intended or not. However daisy seems immune to tounge grab totally.


I think it’s because she doesn’t have many in air animations other than falling off ledges.

And she eats waaayyy to much grilled canyon eel.


I think Trapjaws from monster perspective are considered as “big wildlife” like Sloths and Armadons so they can’t be tongue grabbed


Yeah, she does not have a tumbling animation, so her being immune to tounge grab is a “feature”.
Wild Trapjaws instantly dies if I remember correctly, which is how they get around the issue.

I moved this to off-topic, because Daisy being fat is not a bug and not because I missed the only sentence that was actually relevant to the bug category before I moved it. Totally.


This has been reported before with no official log of it being a bug, so I believe it’s intended. She can’t be knocked back by anything, hence why she causes a hole in Rock Wall, as well.


That time Where daisy was young and fat now she is just fat



Abduction from wraith works tho…i think behemoth should be able to tongue grab daisy too…


The title is appropriate to the topic and I do in fact feel it’s a bug for daisy to not be subject to a ability.


Until I get a official response that it is intended I feel it is a bug, since it negates an ability.


Don’t believe so given their ton of health.

These two abilities work completely differently unfortunately.

It’s working as intended. The ability does do damage, just the pulling doesn’t occur.


However as with Rockwall. The damage factor is not the only part of the ability. So the pulling effect not working is to me a error/bug.


That’s a feature, Daisy doesn’t tumble.


That doesnt mean it’s intended. Thus why I asked for a official reply.


That’s like saying because rock wall is made of rock and comes through buildings and other structures that’s not technically proven to be intended.

Or that large wildlife isn’t pulled by tongue grab or stunned by rock throw.


However large wildlife is exactly that. It’s too big. However daisy is smaller than almost everything and yet it don’t work unless she is dead. With an ability that’s supposed to pull any reasonable target to you I view that as a problem. Just like Rockwall getting random holes in it for no purpose.


And I see rock wall being used over any material other than soil to be exploitive and unintended.

It works as intended, what’s the difference between pulling a dog and not pulling a dog?


Daisy OP :tara_knows:


I know the abilities don’t work the same but they have the same principal…it was just a comparison i made to prove my point…i think daisy should tumble >. <


What’s the point of that? What difference does it make?