Daisy focus in dome to take dome down is BS


I’ll keep it short, downing Diasy in the dome to get the timer down is illogical as hell. Daisy has mediocre AI, cannot evade, doesn’t have more health, runs away from the medics and most monsters have figured it out. Focus Daisy down, escape dome, hince set repeat. It’s ok to keep your dog alive in a dome sure, but decrease those timer penalties by a LOT. 1 minute decreased max. Maggie cannot be picked fairly and this will start to bite when the endtier meta is coming again.


I can understand the logic here, definitely. It’s not like Daisy brings a super amount of unique to the table now with the planet scanner to offset that particular in dome weakness.


I do agree with the OP but…

I don’t agree with this. Daisy (OG ofc) is now a tracking bot. Something she wasn’t before, and is actually a lot more accurate than the scanner, as it finds the fastest route instead of general direction. Following her is now the fastest way to find the Monster if you’re not an experienced Hunter, and she doesn’t have a cooldown. Even if you are en experienced Hunter, she gives you a speed boost when standing near and can correct your path in the event the Monster is really good. So I think Daisy still brings a lot to the table with her updates, for sure, but still not enough to warrant reducing the the dome so much on such an easy down.


Sorry, speaking from a position of experience where we know that Daisy was only ever used to make sure hunters were travelling in the right direction :wink:


Oh goodness, never thought of it like that!

@Insane_521 is there a specific reasoning behind this? I see both sides as having their benefits and drawbacks, making picking Maggie a tougher choice!

EDIT: Never mind @MaddCow to the rescue!


Especially wasteland maggie, let’s not forget!


As a heads up, downing daisy does NOT affect the dome timer at all.



Yeah, I thought as much- I realised that when I played Wraith last night against a Maggie.


I wanted to reply earlier when I saw this, but needed to upload a video to show definitively. But ya, neither Daisy counts towards dome timers. As it should be.


Are you absolutely sure? Yesterday the monster went straight for daisy with 3 minutes left and the dome went down as soon as she downed Daisy. Thats why I made this post, because it was shady as hell.


100% positive, watch the video.


It was either a bug, or something else happened and you missed it (Maybe the hunters did damage, maybe a sloth came in an stomped someone, who knows).

Daisy, by intent, does not impact the dome (Or shouldnt). For the very reasons you were concerned with.