Daisy flamethrower


I just noticed that Daisy’s flamethrower stays active while pounced which is a bit weird. Here is a video showing it. http://gameclipscontent-d2022.xboxlive.com/00090000011528f8-8b548ddc-a2b7-4582-a99f-ec4bba15297a/GameClip-Original.MP4?sv=2014-02-14&sr=c&sig=PH%2BpPgXFc3o4lwpnxykCYGX9BQbRhFwq31RKv%2FdjXmQ%3D&st=2016-01-26T08%3A47%3A32Z&se=2016-01-26T09%3A52%3A32Z&sp=r&gda=1453801952_ddf0c86d3508ebdb350a5c868c045740


Now that’s what I call… a hot dog.


I don’t think that’s a bug but more or less the cause of 2 different A.I.'s, one for daisy and one for the flamethrower. The pounce will lock down Daisy but the flamethrower could care less, technically it’s not the one being pounced.


True. However the whole idea of a pounce is to prevent them from fighting back. This it may not be a intended effect. It also isn’t affected by knockbacks etc.


This isn’t a bug. It’s intended.


Where have they said its intended?


I can’t answer why, but I can help with the how.

Basically Daisy’s flamethrower deals no direct damage unlike Hyde’s. It’s 100% DoT which never interrupts a pounce in this game.


Well as a community we think it’s intended. The logical reason that we think of is that Daisy doesn’t need to use hands when pounced so the weapons don’t stop firing. @Rick explained why it doesn’t break a pounce.


The new Daisy really scorches the competition. XD


Yeah I’m not sure if it’s a bug or intended. I heard somewhere that daisy was also suppose to be able to stop pounces on hunters. But she can’t monster still pounces them while daisy burns them.

Its wierd.


IMO its good she can’t break pounces, that makes Maggie and daisy unpounceable because you can’t pounce both when you find a lone Maggie and daisy.

If it helps, I don’t play much monster. I main Maggie and am in the top 12 WM global. I feel breaking pounces would be too OP on top of everything else


Well like I said unless a dev directly says its intended I will say it’s a bug.


@LadieAuPair @Insane_521


That’s just a reason to never pounce poor little Daisy :stuck_out_tongue:


Devs have stated that Daisy has no direct damage and only damages via DoTs. Direct damage is what breaks pounces, DoTs do not, this is why Daisy is unable to break pounces. This was in response to a similar query made (daisy not breaking pounces).


This isn’t about daisy breaking pounces. This is about her continuing to deal damage while pounced.


That’s also been mentioned (in the same topic IIRC). I believe there was no real indication that it was a bug by the Dev.

Hopefully a Dev can confirm for you here.