Daisy doesn't do her job


Daisy was about to revive me as last man standing but when only a fraction of a second left she ran off because the monster was coming our way. I was assault and could’ve won the game if she did her job, the monster had a sliver of health left. My feedback: Once Daisy starts reviving don’t let her get disrupted until there is actual damage done.


If your entire team is down besides Daisy, you’ve kinda already failed


That is her job, she is programmed to bail if she’s in danger.


She’s more in danger if she’s the only one alive, my point is she could’ve revived me but abandoned me. ‘Daisy thinks we are her pack, she’ll fight and die for us’ Not so much of this dropship conversation is true huh.


I actually agree with Herbalist on this one. Maybe not ‘no matter what’ keep reviving, but definitely in that situation I think Daisy should’ve finished trying.

When Daisy is the only one left up, she can maybe run for only 15 seconds before the monster gets her anyway so why not go all in. There’s no reason not to unless the dropship is only a second or two away.


Might as well remove that option on her because it’s giving false hope.


That’s what you get when matchmaking fails in this game, you get people who fail and if that isn’t enough the ai (Daisy) fails as well.


I’ve never seen her bail before. She kinda stares at the monster when she’s left and wags her trapjaw butt. Then the monster pets her. With its teeth.


While Daisy can act as a 5th hunter, your entire team was wiped. It sounds like a close game, but I’m gonna have to say you deserved the loss. Still, it’s about the fun had in the process.


I agree, if she’s the last alive, she should try to revive even with the monster closing in.


Yeah no, Maggie is a liar. Daisy is the most disloyal miserable excuse for a dog ever. :stuck_out_tongue:


trap jaw…not dog


Still though, a rework of Daisy should not be a low priority. If she gets a toggle so we can call back Daisy, and she get’s a better prioritized AI she will be fine. I just hate that she stands right next to you 3 our of 4 times and does jack shit. Where she seems to revive you and stops right in front of you. Daisy needs to be more risky sometimes. Maggie can be leader to call out when not to be a hero dog.


She should also have a RUN RUN AWAY! mode programmed into her AI when she’s the last one standing and prioritize reviving downed hunters when she’s not. I know “staring at walls” is an important part of her AI code, but it doesn’t really need to be on her top 2 things to do.

Also, program her to be able to search out Maggie (or another Hunter) if she’s “lost” (seen this happen) instead of just standing out in the middle of nowhere because the group was too busy actually tracking the Monster to follow her.

Love Mags and Daisy but Ruva is sometimes one seriously dumb trapjaw.


Yeah, I love Daisy, but some basic call and run functions would be super. Too many times I’ve seen her not revive anyone or other random things, but there are times when she saves the day and performs perfectly. So, that’s something.