DAISY DAISY DAISY April fools update idea


I have an idea for a april fools update that’s if they do one but they should make daisy playable as part of april fools just imagine players going around asking for trapjaw treats and trolling players.

but since it would be april fools it would be temporary.


Or just turn every hunter player into a trapjaw with mounted weapons on their backs. Hurr.


:open_mouth: I kinda like this idea…


I the idea of Daisy occasionally showing the monster found symbol when the monster is nowhere nearby.

Daisy will be like: HA! GOTCHA BITCH! :daisy:

Or maybe just running in the wrong direction and taking you to a tyrant or even worse… A MAMMOTH BIRD! :scream:


the idea of players of misleading the hunters as daisy is the perfect april fools idea


Everyone but monster is spawned as a trapjaw abd unlimited jetpacks and no cooldown for everyone!


my vote goes for the trapjaw mounted hunter weapons!


As much as I hate the OP spewing minions on these forums… That suggestion my friend… Is OP

I think they should change around the monster skins without adding any new animations… … So Goliath would have wraiths abilities/traversal skills… But he would look stupid glitchy the whole time… Then tell everyyone it was because of the new patch


uh I think your on the wrong thread


April fools!!!


lols also I think as part of april fools daisy idea with guns mounted sounds funny xD just to see a squad of daisy’s gunning down the monster.


Well then.

@macman Should be a simple play, yes?


All these ideas sound aawesome but theirs no way itd be finished on time


Maybe they could do this for the next april fools day

Also :stuck_out_tongue:




Another potential april fools day plan