Daisy come back!

What does that stad for?

Emet: sorry I spelled it wrong.

He can bring back daisy with his beacon.

Note: I fixed it in the OP.

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If Daisy would have her own timer she could rather be a Burden for the Team because that would mean if she gets downed the Dome timer gets shorter.

And I would rather have her die because she still has a Stupid AI rather then Losing the Match because the monster escapes.

When I saw the title I thought it was that they should fix the so called speed aurora that she has and add her running away she had in the alpha but I like the drop pod idea

How would daisy having her own timer affect the dome?

The dropship doesnt affect the dome, getting down affects the dome.

If Daisy gets her own dropship timer guess who is gonna be focused?
The Dog because she has no fucking clue what to do.

Daisy Down = Affects the Dome , common not that hard right.
(To my Knowledge downing daisy rn does not decrease dome time.)

Well giving her her own dropship timer doesn’t mean they’d change her to affect the dome. I’m not sure if you understand, he means just giving her a respawn timer, without changing how downing her affects (or rather, doesn’t) domes.

And personally I disagree, if the monster wants to kill Daisy it’s basically his loss. She’s 99% useless right now except that once every three games half decent revive.

This is not how the Game or the Dome works.

If “One of the Hunters Team” triggers the Dropship timer it decreases the Dome Time.
This is how it is stated, we dont prefer daisy and make her special by giving her her one but not affect the dome.

Either she stays dead or she affects it no Gray zones.

If what you say is true then explain to me why the dome timer was affected by a hunter being downed back when they had to be DEAD (not down) for the dropship timer to start?

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It’s not the dropship that reduces dome time, it’s just the incapacitation.

And even if it was it’s not a very difficult thing to change since Daisy’s already considered separately.




… always picking on that poor lil trapjaw.

Of course she runs into walls, a goliath just jumped in front of her… poor things scared poo less.

sure there are plenty of vids of daisy just not being able to navigate here terrian…

but in the end… daisy can win the game!


They could use a seperate timer for Daisy (always one minute maybe?) and use the ‘Rescue’ game mode mini-ship to bring her in.

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Maggie could quick train a new trapjaw. I mean, if the hunters want her that badly. why not just make it what happens when you hit the daisy button.

then it could be almost instant.

Drop ship timer

The timer always starts at zero when the Hunters first land onto the map at the start of a Hunt game.

If a Hunter is incapped (or if you have 2 strikes and are killed) it will add 10 seconds to the dropship timer.

If a Monster stages up, 25 seconds are added to the dropship timer.

The dropship doors will always open and spawn hunters once the countdown timer hits zero. Hunters must enter the dropship before the timer hits zero in order to respawn.

The maximum timer on the dropship is two minutes.

Everything is Possible, I suppose.

Dropship timer starts at 10 when you drop and the max timer is 2:10.

It actually starts at 11.

Starts at 10.

So during a game the monster killed daisy in the first dome and through out the rest of the game I didn’t have Daisy because the drop ship timer only goes if a hunter dies. Being Maggi without daisy I lose my main way to track a monster which is a huge problem.

Can the drop ship drop off Daisy or can Daisy have her own drop ship?

When she dies I look at the monster and think
"Well… damn"