Daisy breaks behemoths rock wall


I am assuming this is a bug just thought I would post it as soon as possible


Care to explain how she breaks it exactly?


seems liek they did not fix the bug where a part of the wall does not appear when a hunter is standing right in it.

they said its a bug 2 weeks ago.

released and its still in here


Yah basically when large wildlife is hit by the wall the wall breaks but smaller wildlife and hunters its supposed to throw them one way or the other but with daisy it just breaks underneath her


Of course, nothing can stop Daisy, she smashes through anything.


Hey, the wall have holes most time. When a Hunter stand in, or somke from hyde granate… the fire…

The wall feel’s realy " shitty ".
The first time i play white Beo, it was sooo NICE this cool Wall ! … and now… mmm dont want to play him.

U want to " shield " yourself… cast the wall… and BÄM! the hunter stand there were the big hole is and shoot on u …
Or u want to eat… cast the wall… and BÄM! The same…