Daisy Beta Feedback


Very much improved, sometimes I thought a little TOO much. I’m glad we don’t turn to her anymore and ask, “Where to, Daisy?” while she sniffs in circles and half-heartedly gives us a direction. However, it feels like some things that were intended are not there now.

For example, I thought she was supposed to sniff the ground to find a scent. Even the tutorial video says you might have to lead her around to find one. During beta (I mostly played with friends, one of them was a Maggie fan and played her all the time) she never seemed to not have a trail, no matter the type of monster player. We just needed to give her “lease” the slack and she was always running.

Another example is in alpha (maybe this wasn’t intended) when everyone was dead except for Daisy, she made a legitimate effort to run. It was never too much, either, she just kept like a 10~25 meter distance from the monster and attempted to flee when he approached her. It could buy about 5 seconds or so of time, but not much more. Now, in beta, she beelines to the last dead player, even if it means running between the monster’s legs, and essentially kills herself.

That said, she is definitely much better at her main job than she was before. When I played monster, I was always forced out of a sneaky playstyle, because as soon as I heard that howl in the distance, I knew I was done for unless I fled. It was a little annoying, but perhaps necessary, as the counter to Griffin is sneaking and this game is all about adapting to the situations.



They definitely made noticeable improvements to her AI, but some of the trappers still weren’t using her correctly, such as not letting her follow the tracks when the monster went stealth, or not noticing that she was telling them the monster was close



Yeah… Previously Daisy was just food, but now she’s the Grim Reaper. Seriously. Can’t hide from that thing.



Ya, between her and Cabot you might as well not even bother sneaking. EVER :stuck_out_tongue:



Actually, faced a good team with Maggie and Cabot. Three times. Tried sneaking at first, but then I just b=gave up and rushed. The problem with that is they’ll eventually catch up since you have to feed and Evolve. I just kept doubling back on them, and they’d *narrowly avoid me at times. Fun.



The worst is when they know you are in the area and instead of getting close they just dust the place. “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

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Also happens with bots. I had a game where I was the monster and the two player controlled hunters ran right past me while I was in the bushes, but I knew the boys would see me and right when I was in their sight they just started attacking



You know what that reminds me of? All those bot games on Alpha where, as a trapper, I couldn’t throw down the dome for Hank-bot nuking the monster (and/or me) from orbit.

Cabot bot could very well be just as bad with the monster running for the hills.



Heh, maybe. I’m not entirely sold on Cabot as a general all rounder pick. However, I think an aggressive DPS team would work really well with him. I even want to have a group entirely built around following the monster enough to know where he/she is and then when evolves, rush in and nukes the bajebus out of them. Because you aren’t looking for many engagements, Hank’s shield isn’t as important.



I’ll give you that in that situation, Bucket is infinitely less useful :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll also give you that Cabot’s amp is the best option too just because aware players might evolve under a roof if Hank’s on the other team. That is, when they’re not checking to see if they’ve DC’ed.

By the way, I think that both Bucket and Cabot are fine choices for the “normal” approach too. I like Cabot a little less out of playing preference, and on paper it’s not hard to say no to the amp, Hank’s shield is only “vital” until we learn to use our jetpacks efficiently. Hank is definitely good for a long game though, and the reason he seems like the best choice is because he’s tier 1. By design he’s the easiest to drop into the slot. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little tradeoff is all I’m sayin’.

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Moar people like you pls. <3



As everyone said she’s gotten loads better. For anyone watching the stream last night was a perfect example. On Aviary the monster has switched biomes and started to sneak so there were no tracks. Normally a team would go look for the but Daisy was like, " monster in the bushes… get him.



Daisy speaking? My first thought was “Monster had a bath. Can’t smell him anymore.”



Well no but it was implied.



I know. Imagine Daisy barking but that’s the subtitles.

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Better ways of understanding Daisy’s actions are not a bad idea, actually.