Daisy Beta Feedback


Especially for those of you who played Alpha and Beta, what are your opinions of Daisy in the Beta (her effectiveness).

For me, I saw marked improvement in pathfinding, and she was more prone to move at running speeds than before. But I can definitely recall MANY instances where she had a trail and was actively leading us to the other side of the map when the monster scared birds. I’m not sure if she was following tracks backwards or something, but it absolutely had a bad end result as far as tracking went on more than a handful of games.


I didn’t play enough Maggie in either to be able to say with certainty, and I believe those that say Daisy was better; but I sure couldn’t tell.

That said, with a coordinated team, I do feel Daisy is a pretty good. As someone, maybe @Plaff, said, think of Daisy as an arrow saying “thata way, kinda”. Gets you close, and allows a team to try to fan out just enough to get eyes. (And with a Cabot, that’s all you need really…) And if the monster gets lazy, or you kind of corral it, then Daisy gives that extra tracking ability).


As a monster player in the first two Alpha’s, Daisy was a chew toy then. Now in this beta, she scared me! She is much much better and almost entirely removes the ability to stealth for long if hunters know what they are doing!


Daisy received the dog nose award, which transcends +10 Tracking and hence forth better. Or we could just give credit to the AI programmer. :clap: Good job once again TRS.


When it comes to how useful Daisy is, there are two ways one can look at it. Daisy, for a start, is good when it comes to hunting the Monster that sneaks or hides well behind obstacles like hills, caves, buildings, vehicles or even in thick bushes. I am more of a Monster user and I can assure you, with Daisy around the Hunters, I get irritated at times. There were more than few occasions where I gave hunters the slip right under their very noses, literally sneaking and waiting in thick bushes that are clumped together. The hunters, if not scrutinizing enough, would often walk past me, rendering me unnoticed. Then a wild Daisy appeared and yeah. I got exposed. Tracking Monster(s) that sneaks well and play with the Hunters’ minds by using the surroundings effectively wise, I can tell you that Daisy is indeed good.

However, if we were to talk about supporting wise, Daisy is indeed slow at times. And also, for the Hunters’ side, I do think that she should be allowed to be micro-ed by the Hunters themselves should they be dead. Often times, I have seen the AI Daisy running to weird spots, even offering herself to the Monster, when it comes to surviving for the 4 dead Hunters to respawn under the timer.


She’s very much improved! One thing that does annoy me a little bit, is the fact daisy howls and waits for MAGGIE to follow her.

I played a lot with maggie players who didn’t use their brain and I couldn’t push to daisy to follow tracks, I understand when maggie is AI you can push to daisy to sniff out, not a huge problem just annoying when your trapper is bad :wink:

But her AI in general has improved a lot I found the wraith in the bushes twice :smile:


I feel that she is quite good now. By far my least favorite trapper due to the inability to sneak as well. That combined with poon traps makes Maggie a series contender.


Daisy was fine in my opinion other than when she she dropped down she would run in place for a while like Scooby Doo


Daisy has dramatically improved! I’m glad I was thrown into control of Maggie one game on the beta. I already liked the trap gun from the alpha.

Daisy runs so much faster now, to the point where you lose little speed while zoning in on the monster. She actually speeds up if you jetpack boost too, she rushes to the head of the pack again before matching your sprint speed!

Now she’s great for following religiously until you know the monster’s in an area with few exit opportunities. I honestly think she’s the best tracking tool at the moment (sadly for sound spikes :frowning: ).


I rarely ever play Hunter, but when I’m hiding from the Hunters who are pretty close to me, Daisy is always the first to sniff me out. And then I feel like this:


As long as she has this cute lick animation, everything is fine.


She’s great, unless every other hunter is dead. I experienced a good few fights where I’ve killed everyone and then Daisy just walks near me, smelling the flowers, enjoying her time without the hunters. Sometimes I’d feel a bad as the monster when she just walks around casually like nothing is going down, for then to stealh pounce her and end the game.

I even remember one fight where I damaged the relay from full to almost no “health”, just to give daisy a head start… But she didn’t run. :frowning:

Is she supposed to act like that?


Yes, otherwise she could run out the timer. If Daisy is the last hunter standing she isn’t supposed to be a ‘stall for 30 seconds’ ability.


Daisy was definitely better during the beta compared to her Alpha counterpart. As ya pointed out, she still occasionally tracks to one side of the map only to find out that the monstar’s clear across the map. But 9 times out of ten, she tracked our way to victory to the monstar! This was especially true when I played the monstar; I just couldn’t shake off the hunter team no matter how hard I sneaked ;-;

But in my opinion, Daisy’s missing something… Now, I’m not sure about you, but I have a feeling she needs some huge upgrades. First, lets take a look at the most righteously awesome trapjaw in all of Shear!

AWWWW YEEEAAAHHHH!!! Now that’s one bad ass trapjaw! But now, think about the following: the hunter team’s dead and the monstar’s all “who sends all these babies to fight?” But far in the distance, where the air smells like warm root~beer and the bloom settings have been cranked to 200%, it’s Daisy! Hero of all humen kind! Her purpose was clear: defeat the monstar and save the sad little humens! But sadly, her bodacious plan fails as the evil monstar devours her whole. This is, sadly, the most common situation that happens when the poor trapjaw has to carry the humen team (currently). But I believe that with the following suggestions, Daisy can become the ultimate killing machine in all of Shear!

First: put Daisy in a tank with advanced quadruped thrusters. Not only will this increase her survivability by 1000%, but she’ll also be able to fly away when the monstar’s hot on her tail! But lets face it, even with an awesome metal chassis which brings all the trapjaws to the yard, she’s still missing something. I’m not sure about you, but a tanks cannon from the 1940’s may not be enough to be a monstar killer. It needs… Rail cannons!


Using highly advanced techniques, I was able to create this concept art for a much more lethal Daisy.

Hells yeah! Who needs the hunters when you got Daisy: The Monstar Slayer?! She’ll clean up Shear in half the time Cabot’s team can! All for the low low price of $49,999,999,999,999.00! Call now and save 50% on your next Goliath Burger order!


Daisy was alot better in the beta compared to alpha. I loved playing Maggie cause in my opinion daisy is a godsend against sneaky monsters. Also when playing as a monster and I’m against a maggie I know I can’t rely on sneaking or hiding in bushes because Daisy will find me pretty fast.


I see. Hmm… It still just feels weird. :stuck_out_tongue:


Think of it this way. If she acted any differently, then in a few situations the hunter team would essentially have 5 members. If she split with the group when two were left alive after you’ve made the effort and have been rewarded with two kills it wouldn’t be fair. If you managed to get three down you’d still need to worry about the last two splitting and running. With all four down, if she was clever about it then it’d be a little too good for the hunters.


She felt very reliable, especially with teams who knew what they were doing. I saw a lot less track misdirection by the end of Beta with daisy changes.


Oh I believe it is fair and balanced. It just doesn’t feel right IMO… . :stuck_out_tongue: When I’m stage three, Dune beetles fear me and runs away at the sight of me. Daisy acts like you are not even there. D:


Imagine that she’s worried for her pack. Still, the distance she keeps from the monster could be a little more reactive.