Daisy and the teleporters


Daisy continuously goes through the teleporters. This makes it difficult to plan, as the portal won’t be ready when when we need it since daisy has just gone through it. Just heads up.

Changed topic to bugs. Daisy should not be using the teleporters the way she is when you have a full team of human hunters. Correct me if I’m wrong.


What do you mean by…

Isn’t the 15 second cooldown kind of for each individual hunter? So if medic goes through he/she will have a 15 second cooldown from that moment, but everyone else can still go through.

Unless I’ve misunderstood what you meant. :smile:


It’s a bit confusing.

When someone uses the teleporter pad to go from the “sender” to the “receiver”, the receiver gets put on cooldown for every Hunter to be used as a sender.
Using one pad puts the other on cooldown.

Ergo, if you play Kala and use the teleporter, you need to wait 15 seconds before you can go back. However, should Daisy suddenly walk out of that teleporter right before you wanted to go back, you’d then need to wait another 15 seconds.


Thanks. Must have misunderstood the explanation of it. Haven’t had a chance to play with the new patch yet. :smile:

I can see that beeibg a big annoyance then.


Yeh I’d like to be able to play Maggie with Kala. I’ve been in a huge Maggie mood for a month or so now, and it shows no indication of ending anytime soon.

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Yep, happened to us a lot last night. I was incapped 10 meters away from the teleport and daisy would come to revive me, start the rez, then leave and go through the teleport. She repeated this process 3-4 times before one of my teammates finally came and got me.


Yes omg this happends all the time and i swear daisy does it on purpose but i would understand how hard it is to map an AI to not go into a player dropped item that can be placed virtually anywhere but maybe only let daisy go threw if maggie goes or if someone is down idk jus a short thought


As soon as Kala uses two teleporters, Daisy completely loses her tracking ability. I played a couple games of hunt with Kala+Maggie and Daisy ran the team in circles between teleporters.

Example 1: Daisy was running towards the monster, did a 180° turn to run away from the monster and into a teleporter (ending even further away from the monster).

Example 2: all hunters were waiting at the relay and Daisy was 150 metres away, waiting at a teleporter.

I would argue this should be listed in the ‘Bugs’ category, because Daisy is bugged if she is running rings through teleporters instead of tracking the monster.


Teleporters are Daisy’s new favorite toy.

Look at the joy on her face as she endlessly runs between 2 of them.