Daisy and the Dropship

Could anyone please explain to me how she gets to reset the dropship timer all by herself? Is she smart enough to do that? And what is the reason for her not having her own countdown?

As for why I’m asking… We all know that Maggie is the most picked trapper, for obvious reasons. She’s the best. Her harpoons have got 100% accuracy, Daisy is like a heat-seeking missile and on top of that she helps with quicker respawns. To top this off, they’re nearly always together. You hit Maggie with an AoE attack… You’re likely to hit Daisy too. Except that she gets excluded from heals, shielding, etc. and will thus die extra fast. In the process of all this she has now successfully started the respawn timer.

Now I’m hearing you say that Maggie is less effective without Daisy. However, people don’t really rely on her that much. Not when there’s plenty of audio cues around from nearby wildlife, monster sounds, tracks to follow, snapped trees, corpses, etc.

So when a trapper is that effective, is it a commonly accepted thing? Or do hunter players admit that she’s the Caira or Hank of trappers?

With all of that in mind, without actually harming Daisy or Maggie’s effectiveness altogether… Why is there no separate respawn for little miss Daisy?

(In all fairness… Has anyone consciously considered this to be Maggie’s 5th skill?)

She is a hunter, a 5th hunter.



Nah, all seems pretty solid to me. If you don’t want the dropship to get started early, then don’t down Daisy so quickly. There’s no rule that says you have to attack her if you see her, and considering she has next to no use in combat there’s no reason to until you need to prevent her from getting a revive.

Yes. Like Caira or Hank, Maggie isn’t necessarily the strongest character in her class, but she is the most consistent and forgiving, and easiest to play proficiently. A good Abe is probably stronger overall than a good Maggie, but a mediocre Maggie is likely going to be leagues better than a mediocre Abe.

Considering she only has 3 skills apart from Daisy, I’m going to say no.


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Nah, all seems pretty solid to me. If you don’t want the dropship to get started early, then don’t down Daisy so quickly. There’s no rule that says you have to attack her if you see her, and considering she has next to no use in combat there’s no reason to until you need to prevent her from getting a revive.[/quote]

As I said… She kinda tends to run into the AoE damage by herself, and thus gets killed by mistake often. That’s what happens in my experience at least.

As good as Abe may be in terms of damage, his slow is weaker than Maggie’s harpoons and his dart gun is only good when you’ve got a steady hand. And even so… You can get around that dart gun by breaking line of sight. Daisy doesn’t require line of sight.

So Daisy’s perfect seeking capabilities and her ressing talents aren’t considered a skill?

But require constant repositioning to remain effective and have a hefty 4 second arm time that means the Monster will likely not be where you want him to be by the time you arm, barring some EXTREMELY predictable movement on the Monster’s part.

Don’t get me wrong, I love 'em, but they have their drawbacks for sure :wink:

Inb4 @MidnightRoses obligatory ‘Daisy is FAT’ comment!

She’s actually quite slow, I know I, personally, hardly glance her way after her first directional indication once we land; She’s usually not needed after that once you know what Hemisphere the Monster is in, and waiting for her to catch up to point you the right way in the event you lose the Monster is usually painfully slow, especially when she needs to climb… such a slow climber you are, Daisy! :daisy:

To be fair, she spends a lot of time actively avoiding the Monster and can become separated from Maggie as easily as she can stay by her side, though I agree with what you say here to a degree. She usually IS around SOMEONE and takes a lot of cleave damage to the face and tends to be ignored. However, she actually has more HP than Hunters do. I assume this was intended because she’s cleave bait hehe.

But Daisy doesn’t let me know your EXACT position, which to me as a Trapper, I’d take over just general location any day! Makes heading you off that much easier! :wink:

Well, Stasis vs Harpoons are an apples-to-oranges thing. I personally enjoy the surgical usage of Harpoons, but I do not dismiss the effect Stasis has. Many a Monster are forced or at the very least… ‘Encouraged’ to pop abilities merely with intent to keep pace with Hunters. They both have their uses, one just puts the CC power in a short ‘burst’ of time whereas the other has an argueably weaker, but longer-duration effect. Both have the potential for mitigation though :smile:

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Daisy is also slow, and easy to outrun. If you can stay away from an Abe long enough to avoid having the dart refreshed while also managing not to eat anything he’s marked, then the Abe is likely not that good, in which case the Maggie would’ve been better. A good Abe will pretty much have the monster permadarted without some very good running skills from the monster, and as long as the dart is there it’s a LOT better than Daisy as far as tracking.

Daisy takes the place of a fourth skill. Maggie loses out on one powerful active useful ability in order to gain a couple completely AI-controlled passive abilities. Seems legit to me, I don’t know what else you’re throwing in there to get to 5.

Besides, I’d hardly call her seeking skills perfect since she’s constantly behind the monster; if the Maggie does nothing but follow Daisy she’s going to get ambushed, if she catches up to the monster at all. If by “ressing talents” you mean “continuously running into aftershock/rockthrow/supernova/magmabombs and dying before managing to secure the revive” then yeah sure; a Daisy revive is a stroke of luck, hardly something to count on. I only see them happen with any regularity when the incapped hunter gets thrown way the hell away from the fight and the monster doesn’t bother to camp it.

wait ppl are still picking mags?

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She’s fun to play, so why not?

Hmmm. I never understood why people have issues with her speed. Use Caira to speed her up, or get the movement speed/jetpack recharge perk for Maggie… Her speed is relative to Maggie’s. The only times she is slower is when she’s sniffing, and I think even that can be boosted with Caira.

Daisy can track, ress and starts the respawn timer. On top of that she’s also able to get players out of flesh-eating plants :daisy:

Considering that Abe can only dart the monster or wildlife, Griffin can only place his sound spikes and Crow merely has Gobi… That seems like a lot more than the average trapper has :sunglasses:

Yup! She’s the most picked trapper out of the current 4.

I believe that have 4 skills a piece too. Your tearing apart every aspect of daisy and treating each thing she can do as a ability. But neglecting to treat others the same way. Such as, Abe can tag wildlife, dead wildlife and the monster so that should be 3 ability’s right? Or Griffen can soundspike to hear traversals, walking, and sneaking. Plus harpoon gun does damage AND slows the monster? Crazy stuff man

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True but you have to keep in mind her coding and how the AI works is simply inferior to Player Tracking once they know how to cut off/predict movement/etc. as Daisy STRICTLY follows the Monster’s path, or Maggie when she’s out of range.

Sure she has little spurts of speed when it’s flat clear ground and I’ve forced her to skip the tracks in favor of the Monster himself, but she comes barreling in long after I’ve begun moving in to dome. She’s slow, BUT she certainly has her place in combat and easing new players in for sure!

Nice to have a contingency just in case the Monster stumps you. Having that slow, but reliable, tracking method at least means you’re never quite sitting around scratching your head. Or at least, only until Daisy catches up (Only to then pick the trail up back the way you came, amirite?) :stuck_out_tongue:

She isn’t here.
I guess I’ll have to fix that.
Oh @MidnightRoses

Only reason I ever use Maggie is to show off skins on Daisy :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that the main strategy for Monsters is to never sneak, Daisy and Maggie are lackluster to me. The other Trappers can do their jobs better than her, except for the revives. Which pop up rarely, but can be game changing when they do.

The thing I tend to find with Maggie players is they are predictable as well.

I tend to face people who run cutoff points purely of off predicting my movements but they fail to actually attempt at cornering me only to end up with me easily doubling back based off of no one following me. Maggie has her strengths and weakness but I feel she is manageable.

I think that’s more related to people not communicating and working as a team, rather than a Maggie issue. You can double back with Griffin and Abe just as easily, as long as you haven’t been detected yet. Crow is doable, but harder.

This never sneaking thing is mostly related to the speed the hunters currently have. You need to break away in order to not get domed at stage 1, and you need to stay at a safe distance in order to be able to evolve without getting pounced on. I personally blame that part on the Caira and/or Sunny team ups that seem to happen a lot =)

She’s accurate at following the monster and most people only use Daisy as a compass. They check where she’s going, and then run ahead; a weak tactic if you’re uncoordinated but very effective when you have a team that actually plays as a team.

What you’re failing to see is that the other trappers have added traits to their means of tracking and it sticks to that. A harpoon does damage… Really? You ever seen a whale get harpooned? That’s realism, not an added bonus. Daisy has spread out utility and is able to exercise that utility whenever a monster player ignores her; basically most of the time.

Comparing the ability to place a tag or a soundspike to being able to ress, track, release players and starts the respawn timer… Sorry, but that one doesn’t fly. These are 4 unique things that each have a different major impact on the game. Harpoon damage is negligible and at the end of the day a tracking dart is a tracking dart - Regardless of where you stick it.

Considering Trapjaws obviously possess teleportation technology, appearing out of nothingness like a bunch of super intelligent evil space gangbanger dolphins with mounted lasers trying to steal your lunchbox. So I’d think she has the necessary intellect to call in a clone. Anyways… Trapjaws are just… evil. Daisy is no exception, there are some mean but very situational tactics you can use with her respawn timer.

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Yup. Killed goliath with it while he was trying to get away. So your point?

I’m just going to take your post as it sounds, like a big ol pile of salt. She’s the first trapper out so she’s had the most time to get balanced. Obviously it’s how the devs wanted the game played.

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