Daisy and Kala's teleports [Fixed in TU09]


Fucking hell Daisy is annoying to play with when you have a Kala! She randomly keeps jumping through the teleports for no god-damn reason, either loosing track of the monster or appearing out of no-where to teleport and leave me stranded because of the teleport cooldown! Please fix this frustrating AI behaviour!


this is known. Hilarious always. (its been fixed)


Has it been fixed? Because it happened yesterday playing Defend, the monsters were coming to attack and I had a teleport next to me on standby, here comes Daisy for no reason whatsoever and takes my exit plan, so I’m forced to run. She still takes teleports on Hunt taking her all the way back where she came from too. Also when fighting in a dome/arena, if a player gets downed near a teleporter, she still takes the fucking teleporter instead of reviving someone!


If it is fixed (can’t find a quote to confirm) then it will be fixed on the developers build. Therefore the fix would be released with TU9 I believe. It was definitely logged but i can’t find a quote saying it was ever fixed. :confused:


We’ve tooled around a lot with Daisy to make her better in TU09. <3


She also Barks. :combattrapjaw:


Seriously? Please don’t toy with me…



That’s adorable!


Don’t need Maggie or WLM

They’re only starter trappers imo


She does. Can confirm.


Can Daisy run far away if shes the last hunter left (last hunter up)? Or is that too OP?


Yay!! That will be cute!