Daisy AI bugs with Kala's teleports


As written in the title daisy AI tends to make wrong decisions. for example:
I was incapped and in my vicinity (not close to me at all) there was a portal, she decided to let me die (cause i told my team “yeah keep following the monster there’s daisy to help me”) so they went, and daisy came here to start the process of getting me up, just to stop it on her own, and quickly going into a portal (she’s now 300m away from me and my team is like 200m). i obviusly died and lost the game cause the monster as soon as he saw me (the assault) dead, he turnt around 3v1 killed every single one.
i explained all of this just to make you understand how much of a pain in the ass is daisy’s AI.
Also she’s very buggy on everything: takes the longer paths, the wrong paths, she takes 3hrs bugging on a wall, going up and down for like 1 whole minute making the trapper lose the monster.

if there’s one thing to fix… that should be daisy AI.


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