Daily sign in - Perfect month / September list


I did it! Took a while, but i managed to not miss a single day. Even when i had internet problems.
Still upset that i didn’t get the Lazarus skin last month. I logged in to get it the last day, but past midnight, so i got the reward for day 1 of august.

While we are on the subject, can we have a list for the rewards of september? Like we had for august, even if @mizx posted it because of a bug.
The list is SO COOL and makes me(and probably everyone else) hyped for the last days and it serves as motivation to log in every day.
For everyone who missed the august list, it’s here:


Congrats! I somehow missed two days of logins when my parents were visiting, but at least I only lost out on a few keys!


Sept will be bad for me as will be away from home for 2 weeks :frowning:


Thanks, i may have logged everyday, but i almost missed the events.
For example, the overpowered weekend. That special weekend, my ethernet cable died. Yes, the cable.
I had to beg to my brother to use his computer and grind those sweet elite skins


We’ll get it posted!

Does someone have new month punchcard?

Thanks! I love the work you’re all doing to this game.


Great to hear! :purple_heart:


Posted? Posted where?


get it posted, not posted.



git it postponed


Okay I found out what it was now…




So Hyped for Bob that I already have his Elite skin w/o owning him :behemoth: