Daily rewards - chests ? how do I open them?


Hey guys, just downloaded the game seems really fun, got some chests I assume from daily challenges but I cannot find a way to open them if you could help me that would be great ! :slight_smile:


They do look like chests, and I know @snowkissed is aware that the team understand this isn’t the most ideal visual as it’s turned out… but actually the reward you get for the periodic challenges is listed in the results of the game you complete the challenge in. The “chest” is automatically opened and you receive your reward. I think at the moment it is extra keys.


oh ok, that is misleading, a lot of people I played with today that are as me - new to the game - were just confused by it and everyone asked - HOW DO I OPEN THEM XD anyways thanks for the fast reply <3


I was confused to and I’ve played the original since launch :stuck_out_tongue: I think it helps that people like you are coming and saying it is confusing, it helps it get changed!