Daily rewards amount


the rewards are a bit lame in the game so far, you get only a few silvers (50 daily, 1 time per day …), and if you dont have daily just 50? i need to play tons of games just to buy 1 character, so far i purchase 2 characters, but skills also cost, i just feel the amount of reward need to be raised a bit more


They’ll be working on this in the future. It is kind of frustrating you get so little and pay for so much.


leveling up your characters also awards silver keys. I suggest to play with a lot of new characters to rank up some keys. Start with the lowest as they are easier to level up and grab the rewards.


Also, psssjjjjt, but the new challenges will give 150 keys instead of 50, spread the word: [2nd TIME IS A CHARM] The Stage 2 Tune Up Week 1 - Update 2.01 - WE ARE PUSHING THIS LIVE NOW


Personally I’d like to see the amount of xp you can earn in a day bumped up, or alternatively (and maybe preferably), have the number of matches that you can earn xp from be limited on a per character basis.