Daily Log In - When does the 'day' reset? *RESOLVED*


EDIT: Just noticed the countdown timer in the daily unlock window smacks forehead nevermind.

**For anyone wondering, it’s 8pm Eastern Time / 5pm Pacific Time / 12am GMT. **

Mods please delete this thread.

How do they work?
Is it log in within 24 hours of the last time you logged in?
Or is it log in by midnight the next day in your own timezone?
Or is it some set timezone like midnight EST or something like that?

Because if it’s within 24 hours, or midnight in my timezone, that’s easy - but if it’s midnight in some other timezone I need to know so I don’t accidentally miss the cut-off at 2pm my time or something weird.

This is pretty crucial information for getting the unlocks so I’d really appreciate some official info.

(Love the game and thrilled that it’s gone F2P btw)