Daily Limit?


I’m going to presume this is a bug, as I can’t find informations anywhere on the faq’s, but i am being limited in how many posts I can make, and am being told to wait ‘x hours and try again’


How many posts have you posted today?


12 or so, I haven;t been able to keep a solid count thus far. It also occured on my PM’s, where I got penalised after posting just 2.


That is weird…might be some kind of anti-spam thing we don’t know about…let us check into it.


Thank you Mr Meat


It’s definitely an anti-spamming thing. We can tweak the values a little bit if you think it becomes problematic. You’re the first person it’s actually affected so far, so that means you’re a super active user!

If you change your Avatar and read lots of posts, I know that helps. I bet by the time you’re reading this, all rate-limits have been removed and you’ll be good to go for good now.

New users also cannot upload images or embed videos until they make a few posts and read several topics. Not only does it fight spam, but also encourages users to really interact with the content on the forums, and not just post-pump their way to stardom. Discourse is very progressive.


OHHH, thank you @Jd_2000


I hit the limit too yesterday. That was pretty frustrating. Hopefully it goes away for me soon. >.<
posts this hesitantly as another post will be used up…


Daily limit is 30

That was fun to hit on my very first day.

Also nice bump scrub :stuck_out_tongue:


Definitely the anti-spam tech. I’ve upped both of your “trust levels” so you should be good to go now.