DAE Evolve OP? Fix the game in just 2 easy steps! [circlejerk]


Like I dont kno wat Turdle reck was thikning when made this gaem. Lets go the list shal we.

*Wraith is Op super stars 4 super op
Laz is op
Ciara is op
Medic is op
DLC much op
Progress reset bug mega op
Mobile arena is op
Abe dart is op
Hank is op
Mammoth berds op
Kraken op
Goliath up but also op at the same time
Bukkit is just bad lel
Cabinet so op
Wraith is also very op

Now I now youve red this an say “Wow Mr. Thagomizer, that sure is a laundry list of overpowered content! However could we rectify these obvious, glaring design oversights?”

Bewilder no more cuz I got the ansers rihgt Her. Fix this all bslanc isues in just 2 ez steps:

  1. Like lower the damage a bit, but not too much, but enough to make a noticeable difference, but not TOO much of a difference.
  2. Remove Wraith
    2a. Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.
    2b. Glass the remains. Leave nothing behind.
    2c. Drink the tears of bereft Wraith whimps now forced to learn other monsters.

Bam ther u go problm solved this gam will alredy be like 35x better alrady. Thx 4 reading.

Ps. I would gladly appreciate of I received the 5 monster free for solving your isues, thank you for your readings but also time.

TL;DR: Absolutely everything in Evolve is op, but it’s ok, because every forum goer apparently has the one easy fix to solve it all.

PPS. Yes the game needs further balance patching and yes many folks here have valid feedback, but let’s be real for a sec.


brohter si thta u?


Brillyunt minds thik aliek ;););):wink:


i knwo rihgt ew wlil crue cacern togiver


Did you just make a second acc or is that your twin?


We only need one DownLikeSyndrome, thanks. :wink:


Oh no… Not agaaaain


the game has never been this low in steam charts