D.I.C.E. Challenge (NEXT: May 28th, 29th)


#Welcome to the DiCE Challenge
This tournament is for ALL members within our community. This is a casual, fun way to play some customs and enjoy a relaxing weekend. All participants will be playing with random members of the community. You could play with @Seedsy, @GrizzleMarine, @SuperBadJuJu, @tAg_DaMonster ; or many others!
PC: May 28th, 2016
Xbox 1: May 29th, 2016
PS4: May 29th 2016
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PS4 Registration
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Game Mode: Hunt
Map Effects: None
Difficulty: Balanced
Fauna-Wildlife: Normal
Round length: 15 minutes
Round Robin: Off
Reinforcement Time: 1:30
Strikes: 2
Character Perks: On
Mastery Bonus: Off
Elite Wildlife: Off
Voice Chat: Team Only


  • If a hunter character has been used previously, it cannot be used again throughout the series.


  • If a Monster Character has been used previously, it cannot be used again throughout the series

  • Each player, can only play monster ONCE per SERIES

#May the Odds, be forever in your favour

What does DiCE stand for?
[Poll] What does DiCE Mean?
What can I do to bring back Evolve's playerbase?
Stage 2 - D.I.C.E. Tournament (July 24th)

Why though? ;-;

And is it only those maps that you have chosen at the bottom of your post?


QuickShot is still a highly competitive ruleset that pushes the boundary of player skill, and awareness.
This is meant to be more relaxed for everyone involved.

And yes, its only those maps. Maps will be getting changed in-between tournaments to keep things fresh, and inviting.


Ah, didn’t seems so for me. :confused:


Also, for the third map, bye lower seed’s choice, do you mean the team that lost?


Since the teams and players are random, the seeding will be assigned randomly.
Its the equivalent of a coin flip in this instance.



The owl has appeared and signed up



I haven’t played evolve in a month but I just might for this.


Are there any rewards for winning?


The satisfaction of winning.

######You money greedy bastards. /Kappa


FFS I only want Dank Krank and/or Baemet Skins. Cash burns. Skins be dank.

(insert joke disclaimer here)


What time?


all those details are on the battleFY page. But Registration ends at 12pm EDT, and tournament starts at 1pm EDT


Ok, so for me it says midnight, which means you’ll start at noon?

How long will it go for? Coffee can only keep me up so late…


Typically, these can last up to 6 hours.
However with the new Automation added to Battlefy, it should take around 4 hours from start time. Assuming your team survives till the end.


Aah noooooooooooo…

I can’t stay up for that long, I have Uni the next day and work! One of the many downsides of being Australian…


Consoles have issues with saturdays :frowning: Otherwise it’d be then. Sorry.


I signed up, hopefully I’ll get paired with American teams.


This sounds fun! The map selection is a pretty interesting concept (in a good way). Going to try to keep that day clear of any plans 'cause I’d really like to participate. :smile:

Thanks for doing cool stuff for the community, Seeds. <3