D&D Type Roleplay


Starting an RP group and I need 6 people to join me. I will be playing the role of GameMaster. This means I will lay out scenes and obstacles for you to act out to reach a final goal.

This Roleplay specifically will be about explorers investigating ancient ruins. Takes place in year 2121 in India. India is a barren wasteland in this future. It had been destroyed by a Chinese dictator who wanted only to become more powerful. Much of the land is overgrown with rubble of the now lost culture scattered across the country.

If you are interested please let me know here. All of this will be done VERBALLY. This means you need a mic. We will be using either Discord or Curse Voice chat programs. Role Play will take place every Saturday at 8pm Eastern Standard Time.
Please be committed, as we need everyone there everyday otherwise things get screwed up. If you have a problem once and awhile, notify me on the forums and we can cancel a day.


@Seanical @Major_Warrior @Nemesis you guys want in? I’m putting extensive planning into this so everything goes smoothly and is fun for all. The quest, however will be made up on the spot for spontaneousness.


@Chromatic_Blue you interested?

I might be, but I would want more details beforehand.


I’ll have more in depth info shorty. I’m still planning it all out. There will be combat, classes, puzzles and other fun shit.


Is this all homebrew or are you using and official setup?


Using my brain for once. I don’t like reusing anything, it has to be fresh


Gotchya. Any specific limitations in mind for character creation?

And will it have more of a sci-fi futuristic vibe, or a post apocolyptic theme? Or a combination of the two?


Goin for classic Indiana Jones type of look, but having more modern/futuristic gear, such as lights, maps and weapons will be more techy


I’ll explain everything more once we get rolling and can all chat together


Alright. We shall see how things go then. Just don’t expect to large a turnout. I DM’ed an evolve themed roleplay. It had some interest but on of the guys left the forums.

Hope it works out though.


Yeah me too


I’d be interested but I work pretty much all day on Saturdays so it’s a no go for me.

Plus if I pick up on the Sentinel Program…


Hmmmm, I want to do this, but for the foreseeable future, I can’t bee 100% sure if I will be available.


No can do Saturday’s. I’m really sad that the other one didn’t work out. I think I’ll just spend Sunday nights doing extra work on my painting since the RP has been abandoned.


I am most defiantly in. Just give me a rubric for the character sheet and ill be ready. ^-^ Sounds like fun!


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