D&D DM'ing by Matt Colville


If only you could run an RPG game where someone in the group was secretly the killer


I thought about it, but all the PC’s are 80’s movie stereo types so that makes it hard. They just have to survive the night. :smiley:
So far we have The Hot Chick, The Hot Dude, The Religious Girl, The Stoner Cook, and The Class Clown. The other stereotypes are:
The Black Belt
The Bully
The Hacker
The Jock
The Kid Everybody Likes
The Scout
The Troublemaker


Dude that is genius for a one off! You gotta let us know how it goes!


So next week is the flagship game for my Homebrewed Evolve D&D campaign! Setup is finally reaching completion.

It’ll be my first time DMing. Wish me luck!

Also if there’s interest in following the campaign and the shenanigans that come with it, let me know and I’ll make a thread for it. But be warned I’ve heavily altered the plot and setting to best fit my player’s characters, so it’s more Evolve flavored than Evolve recreated.


I want info on the happenings and the altered rules you’re using!


^ What the big rock said.


I’d also be interested in following the campaign.

Hope it all goes smoothly for you.


Ok! I’ll make a separate thread so I don’t derail this one.

EDIT: topic is ready to roll!


Good luck! Gamemastering is the best.



My wife got a me the Art & Arcana book for my birthday, and it’s amazing.

If you like D&D or rpg’s you really owe it to yourself to read this book. It’s pretty comprehensive from the beginning to the current renaissance and the art work is simply spectacular. Definitely worth the coin if you can spare it, or a hold at the library if you cannot.


Hadn’t heard of it before, but I’ve got my eye on it now. Thanks.