D&D DM'ing by Matt Colville


I’m confused, Hillbilly posted the book. Did that post of mine convince you?


Speaking of characters dying, my wizard got disintigrated by a beholder last week. :frowning:

But at least he lives on in my ring of mind shielding.


Nope, I’m just blind and thought you posted it. But that works too I guess!



Congratulations, @Matthew


Yooo! That’s the best news! Congrats Matthew!

(Also, I meant to say, I’ve been marathoning your channel during the past few weeks since we’re allowed to listen to podcast style talks at work. Your DnD advice is awesome, and has given me the confidence to try DMing for the first time. Thanks for the inspiration!)


Congrats of course! Also, you are working on the lore for the next title in the TRS franchise too, yes?


I swear people just keep using the term lore now because he hates it :smiley:


I solemnly swear, I am up to no good…

It’s only a start, but it looks like this is really gonna happen with my squad. I’m getting excited!


This is absolutely sexy and I am so prepared for it.


Niiiiiiice! :monster:


Well, here are the fruits of my efforts. Weird homebrewed evolve themed character sheets. I’ve simplified some mechanics to hybridize my favorite parts of 3.5e and 5e and adjusted the skills for a more sci-fi setting, but other than that I think everything should be fairly complete.

Here are the finished pages to condensed space

And here is some spoilery stuff for that one bit. That overly conspicuous mystery stat is insight . I intend to tell my players to add points to it every time they find a clue into what happened with patterson and/or the nature of the monsters. after some threshold I will tell them what it is, and they'll start being haunted by it the same way Kala was. How my players take advantage of that is entirely on them. I totally ripped the idea off from bloodborne . Fortunately, none of these friends actually know anything about Evolve or its plot since they hate online shooters. I intend to take full advantage of this.


Anyone here interested in kids on bikes? Matt Colville wrote one of the modules for it.


Really excited to see how this goes! Please keep us updated!


It’s gonna be a long ways off, but when it happens I will maybe make a side thread about it. I still have to design most of the quests, but I have the central idea for the plot ready. I want to know who everybody is playing before I lock anything in - I wanna make the thing as personalized for them as I can. :smile:


That’s a ton of work for you though… :open_mouth:


It’ll be worth it. The current campaign my squad has been working on has been running for about a year and two thirds now and still counting, and it has remained this awesome because my DM went that extra mile. I am inspired!

I’ve already got all the planets from the backstory mapped out and customized for DND purposes. I’m thinking of having the main line objectives that can be solved in an open ended way, quests for each canon hunter, quests for each corporation and faction, quests tied into each of my player’s characters, then a bunch of off-beat quests that allow for some weird stuff like finding the Akhenaten early or stumbling onto the metamorphasis monsters on factor. I’m gonna start them with Cabot’s renegade cop mission as their jumping in point, and slowly open up the broader universe to them as it goes.

It may be a bit ambitious, but I have a pretty modular scaffold I can work from copied from my current DM, and I’m not gonna worry too much about making everything completely fit the canon. I got plansssss.


May I see?


That document is crazy long, but the generic version is kind of like this:

Bases of Operation:

Main Quest:
Recurring NPC Quest:
Faction Quests:
Side Quest x2:
Player Driven Quest:

NPC Name:

From there I will fill in the blanks and add detail until the location feels real in my mind. I’m still in early phases, so I mostly only have filled in names, environments, and main quests so far.


Oooh, do you have a Google document version? I want to begin world building soon and this would be very helpful.